Still Tuesday?

So, nearly 10am, and I've seen every minute of Tuesday so far. And I don't mean I've been in a corner dozing off - I actually took Jaysen to school, I've had breakfast, and I am functioning. Well, sort of - my eyes are sore and I am wearing sunglasses, but I am still awake, and not going to sleep again till bedtime - which is twelve hours or more away. Yikes.

I almost considered going back to bed, or at least, the sofa, but decided in the long run it was too bright, and I'd probably feel worse for having just a couple of hours of sleep. I managed to be both coherent AND safe while walking to school, remember everything and didn't get run over or anything. I did, however, hurl abuse at the Lollipop Lady as we crossed with her as usual, reminded her Xmas is half a year away, and that her hair was frizzy.

I like to make peoples day a little more surreal.

Anyway, I was dressed and had eaten breakfast before 5am, which is around the time I resigned myself to being up and awake. Now to just stay awake for the rest of the day...


Edit: For those of you having problems with the posts appearing half-way down the page, I am suspecting it is an Internet Explorer 6 hiccup somewhere, and am looking into it. Granted, there are only three of you affected, but you know what I'm like!. Anyway, it's a fix-in-progress. With no sleep. This could be interesting...

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