I'm tired and can't wake up.
I had a pants night sleep.
I'm hurting like buggery.
I have exactly zero get up and go.
So, here's a gangster-dancing Yoda.

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2 Responses to “Yuck”

Nancy Jensen said...

Speaking of pants nights.... it's almsot 3:30am here and Miss Jess is crying because she can't sleep and I'm ready to crash. Since you are up, maybe you and Jess can entertain each other so I can get some sleep?

Dan? Oh boy, he ran away screaming. Smart of him to do so.

*yawn* I'm going to go sit with her for awhile and hope that my neck doesn't get too stiff waiting for her to fall asleep. g'nite!

joansy said...

Add me to the insomnia mix. It's almost 5 am here and I've been tossing and turning and trying to read something boring on the internet in hopes of falling asleep again - but now I'll having dancing yodas to keep my brain occupied. Hope you get some much needed rest soon.