Commence Radio Silence

In the next millennium hour we'll be leaving to go stay elsewhere in the country. Everything is pretty much sorted; Tam and Chuck Norris have gone to Jo's parents, Jaysen is at school (and hopefully will be collected too!), the dogs are just getting a bath before going to stay with Cel (who also drew the two-vists-a-day short straw for the cats!), and the last of my clothes are drying off now.

Yes, I am still doing laundry. I meant to put it on to dry last night, but forgot all about it, so have a few more items drying as I type this. And then, it's off to the train and away we go.

There appears to be little - if any - delays on any of our lines (bonus), but of course, going through Waterloo, we do have to go directly past the looming form of Guys Tower. The childrens ward has moved from there, but the memories of the past are burnt in there. Phone is loaded with loud shouty songs, books are packed, so hopefully I'll be able to ignore it.

Pfft who the hell am I kidding.

But anyway, I will probably perform some photo-blogging while away with the phone, or if I can steal time on the computers, then I will post, otherwise, we're gone till Sunday!

Have a good weekend all!

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One Response to “Commence Radio Silence”

g-man said...

Drive carefully. Have a good time.

I wish I had something meaningful to say to help you while you are not ignoring the sight of the tower. I truly hope that one day you can ignore the painful memories and only recall the good ones.