So, the journey here wasn't too bad - most connections were straight there and no faffing, no delays. There was a security alert one station from us, but it was fine and dandy and nothing came of it.

We spent the afternoon sitting and chatting and having a real laugh and talking about everything. We had a near-perfect lasagne for dinner and carried on chatting into the night. Rolling onto 9pm my head felt funny, then crappy, then bad, then just plain awful. Finally, just after 11pm it developed into a full-blown migraine. It was awful, and I ended up having an early night, being a complete party pooper.


Anyways, I crawled out of bed just after five and have sat here playing WoW with them! And - shock horror - Jo is up before 8am!

Hell Hath Frozen Over!

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2 Responses to “Oopsie”

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

you just sat there on the toidy???

Dan said...

hehe I wish!
I was very sick and completely emptied my lower body of anything food-like, drink-like and internal-organ like!