What, Where, When (Or: Where Is Us?)

All in all, things have been busy, hectic and "meh" over the last week. I think it's been a week. Maybe more than that. I kinda lost track. Everything is kinda sucky at the moment as everyone is sad that Jo's nan passed away, but as (I think) I mentioned before, she had a bloody good run.

Doesn't help though, really, in the long run.

Her funeral is next Tuesday, and as much as I hate to say it, I won't be going. I cannot face the "church" and especially not Bethy's little garden. I hate hate hate that most. My little girl is up there, and I can't pull myself together to go and see her, not even to lay flowers for her.

We've been pretty much keeping to ourselves the last week or so - Jo has been helping her parents where she can, but it's that middle-ground we're stuck on now. The original grief is fading, but the funeral is looming. Jo will be going, I just hate that I won't be there for her.

Jaysen is dealing a lot better. Over the weekend he was asking lots of questions about nan, what happened and so on, and I think he's dealt with it in his head. He's been playing up this week, but has started reverting back to that well-behaved little hooligan, so I think he's better.

Tam is just a turd into everything still.

Other than that, we've had a couple of people offer up their homes for us to escape to, which has made us feel really good. We were going to be going Live Roleplaying this weekend, but neither of us can really face it, not to mention with most of England being soaked and flooded, the thought of me in armour falling over in the wet... Nasty. And now, one of our friends has invited us to her place for a few days - we're off tomorrow to go hide out and generally escape everything before Jo has to face the funeral. Some drinks, some friends, some good food and some laughs. Just what we need.

As for the other person that sent us an invite by text, we will certainly be taking you up on the offer!

In other news - we had our new bed delivered, and spent most of the afternoon getting the old bed out then getting the new bed in. Seems Mr Gravity was all for helping with the old bed, and he helped us constantly, almost keenly, to drag it out the window and down two stories. However, getting the new bed UP was a whole new ballgame, and we nearly ended up quitting. However, one scraped and dented ceiling later, we got the bastard upstairs and all is good in the world. Aside from the fact it nearly killed me doing so.


In general, we're tired from clearing up before we go away, we're drained, and we're feeling pretty meh - but other than that, we're in one piece!

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4 Responses to “What, Where, When (Or: Where Is Us?)”

debbie said...

so glad you have made a decision on not going to the funeral all will understand, I know you want to be there for Jo but jo may be can cope at the church a little better.. Jo will be fine but I know its not easy for any of you.. but there is no point in going and feeling worse.. Any way I am glad that you have somewhere to stay and chill out for a while, I take it all animals are included too in the visit.. shame your not doing the role playing but theres plenty of time for that too.. sending you all hugs and hope the funeral goes well.. but dont feel guilty Dan.. nan would understand.. and no you shouldn't have to face Bethys Garden.. you have years ahead of you for that and in your own time, if ever.. casue no one should have to face what you have both been through..

Nancy Jensen said...

Hang in there, Dan. It's ok that you don't go to nan's funeral. Seems that everyone understands and I bet Jo's nan does too.

Have a good time hanging out with friends. I'm glad that Jaysen is dealing with everything better. Also sorry about your not being able to roleplay this time round but I'm sure you will have a chance to do that another time.

Hope your back feels better soon... maybe the new bed with help it?

DriedPapercutsAndChickens said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Dan and Jo,
I am sorry to hear of your loss. Hope you get through it all ok, and am thinking of you.