When it Rains...

Things have been fairly quiet here today. Jaysen was up till gone midnight crying, plus Jo had a very restless night, which means late night for me filled with unrest. I decided to keep him off school, and the woman in the office when I called was completely understanding. He's a little happier today, we've let him kick around in what ever clothes he's wanted, and pretty much had a kick-back day.

Jo went to her parents at around lunchtime and they spent the afternoon talking about Nan, how stubbon she was, how many great things she did. She was 93 - that's two world wars, three monarchs and over twenty Prime Ministers. Jo has a couple of bits of her jewellery, things she remembers nan when when Jo was ickle, and aside from some tears, this afternoon was OK.

Plans are being made, and Nan - like her late husband - will be cremated. Of course, the crematorium is the same place that we had Bethy's funeral, so my stomach is tied in knots. Everyone is saying "You don't have to go", and I am seriously considering it. I went there for Bethy's funeral, then for Jo's other nan, but couldn't go to my grandfathers because of where it is, and it's looking like I might not be able to force myself to this one.

I hate it.

And of course, this wouldn't be the 0ddness Household if things didn't keep hitting the fan for us. About half an hour ago, the heavens opened as a massive storm landed directly overhead. Not a bad thing in itself - just some rushing around to close windows...

This picture doesn't really do it justice, but you can make out the sheets of rain if you look, or check the surface of next-doors pond:

However, five minutes into the rain storm, there came a strange sound from the middle-landing, followed by the sound of running water. On goes the light, to see this:

Bear in mind, there is another floor ABOVE this one, so the water has come in, fallen for a storey, then pushed out a piece of ceiling to pour filthy water and plaster all over the stairs. Marvellous. I've called the housing people, left a message - but they decide if it's an emergency or not and phone back if it is.

Seriously, I know it's just a leak somewhere and what not, but when the hell will we get a break? Just a few minutes is all I ask. Nothing to worry about, nothing stressing or depressing us.


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7 Responses to “When it Rains...”

The Random One said...

You guys need a break, a vacation, a SOMETHING.

Sorry things keep going down, but they eventually will turn around.

Thoughts and prayers sent for your family.

Send over some of that rain, will you?

Nancy Jensen said...

I hope the rain eases up for you all. (literally and figuratively speaking). You have a lot going on right now and every thing, big or small, is going to feel huge. Try to relax a little bit. 'Everyone' is right. You don't need to feel pressure to go to Jo's nan's funeral. Don't beat yourself up over it and don't force yourself to go. BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Everyone handles grief differently... just do what you can and don't worry about the rest.

((((big hugs))))

Little Nut Tree said...

ah bless ya.... you are having a shitty time.

Hold on tight... things have to get better for you honestly.


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Oh no buddy...

for cripes sake.....

Keeping you in my prayers..

debbie said...

Oh Dan honey,, what a arse.. Ok it may only be a leak but its in your home which is so awful.. I know what its like to have a leaking roof I had to live with it for 3 years with patching here and there.. but to have what your going through right now is horrid.. Dan please dont feel bad about not going to Nans funeral.. I would rather you stay and home and cope with that and still blog that go to a funeral and disappear for a while whilst you deal with it,, but we are all here for you no matter what you decided.. AS for nan as you well now she was 93 she has a dam good life saw so many changes.. and above all she would not mind in you did not go...,

As for when is it going to cease, I would say if you can afford it or sod the expense have a much needed holiday Dan.. shouldn't think you have had a good holiday in a long while..

hugs to you all

Deni said...

Hi Dan and family,you are n my thoughts and prayers.Deni

Em's way said...

Hope the leaks been sorted, guessing you might not be about for a bit, you have a hell of a lot on your plates right now, just wanted to let you know that we are still thinking of you even though you may be awol xxxxxxxx