0dd How Time Flies

When laying in bed at 4am, my mind often wanders around on various subjects, but this morning, for some strange reason, it was fixed on school. Not so much my time AT the school, but the people that were there. I rarely see anyone from school, with the exception of Stuart Wilson (Captains Blog), Peter Longely (Who is now my brother in law!) and Steve Dobson (who, it turns out, hangs with the people I am now sorta related to). Everyone else drifted off their own ways and scattered across the country and the globe.

I popped in to Friends Reunited this morning, looking at old names, reading profiles that have been updated recently, and the ones that have posted in the last five or six years. Moved to Australia, Went to Liverpool, travelled Asia, the Managers, Heads of Departments, the bosses and all the rest of it. I'd love to know what a few of them were doing now - heck, I wonder if any of them ever come along here for a laugh.

I read their updates, read how well they are doing, how much fun they are having and all the rest of it, and my mind does the "What If" thing. What if I'd never split up with her, what if I got a job straight from school that I stuck with, what if I did the College/University thing. I wonder, where would I be today, and what sort of person would I be.

Part of me feels a faint pang of... something. It's not jealousy, it's not guilt - I think it's more the sheer wondering more than anything. And don't get me wrong - I wouldn't change my choices and decisions for anything. I can see each and every junction point in my life, and know that if I didn't make a choice there, then that wouldn't have happened.

No, I don't work, and to some, I am a sponge on the government - but for those that see me as "just another benefit claimant" bear in mind that I claim a Taxable Benefit - I pay tax, just like the rest of you. A couple of years back, I "went back to work" in a strictly formal sense, in that I was working with Jo's younger brother in his school (before he buggered off to Brunei), and after three days of doing "general, light duties" I couldn't walk.

There are people that would say "Dan, you've got nothing to show for your life so far" and I shake my head. I have Jo, and I have three perfect children. I've got a roof over my head (OK, a leaky roof ;) ), and I try to enjoy each day as much as I can. What is "winning" at life anyway?

Hmmm, I didn't mean to get ranty there.

Part of me keeps thinking about messaging a few of my old friends, see how they are. I've found one or two from their info page at Friends Reunited, but strangely, I don't know what to say. "Hi, remember me, we've not spoken for 14 years!" or "Hey, how ya doing?" just seem... crap.

Fourteen Years. That's a whole child in secondary school!

So, if you find yourself googling "Nicholas School class of '93", and if you happen to find yourself on this page, then Hi!

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4 Responses to “0dd How Time Flies”

Nancy Jensen said...

I'm the first to leave a comment! Kewl!

First of all, whoever says your are "sponging of the government" can bugger off. Let them try to live with the back pain for just ONE WEEK - or even ONE DAY that you live with every day of your life. It's the ignorant ones who say that. You pay taxes so essentially, you pay yourself. Funny story: You know that Karl works as an officer and is paid by our government. He gets so many people whining to him who think they know the law. They will also tell him that they should get a break on their ticket bay saying, "I pay taxes so I pay your wages!" Karl is sooooo tempted to say, "I pay taxes too. Say, let's give me a raise!" haha!

And duuuuude... you graduated in 93??? That's the year Brandon was born. Wow, you are such a slacker! LOL!

Have a good week and it's good to see you posting again. I'm going to check out your Musical Monday just as soon as I post mine. Mine's light-hearted and inspired by my kids!

Stuart Wilson said...

Hey Dan...

You've got your family, you've got your friends - thats all that matters!! One of the worst things to do is to look back at your life and think of all the 'what ifs'.

It doesnt matter how you've lived your life - just make sure you keep on enjoying it the way you have done :)

By the way, as always it was great seeing you, Jo, Jaysen and Tamsyn again this weekend.

The Special Zipper said...

In 1998 Tarnya and I got engaged and I was offered a promotion to move interstate. I would never have taken it but she gave me the backing I needed. I aimed at a three year plan to climb a couple of rungs and get to a manager level. In late 2001 we managed to both transfer back to Adelaide and 5 years on I have achieved that goal of reaching management level.

But what does that all mean?? What have I really done, given back etc. Have I helped others in need? I've known you Mr for about a year on line now ... granted one of our South Australian dills just fell for the Internet love scam and was lucky to survive his trip to Nigeria (Australian Federal Police made dramatic rescue) but I think I have picked up a fair bit about your achievements. You inspire and help people and further more entertain people. Then you have a great family to add. You mention those "forks" in the roads where decisions have been made .. for me they are also very clear and seemingly laid out. I have the occasional glance backward, smile then broaden the smile as to the little family and massive achievements we make on that front. I'm sure you can do that on a grander scale than me!

Laney said...

I know this post is weeks old now, but I wasn't here, so I'll reply anyway! Firstly, I'll be the first person to moan about benefit cheats, especially when I see other people close to me who do deserve it being rejected by the system. Seing as you do actually deserve the help, I'm glad you get it, or I'd have another person to rant about! :D

Also, I think you've changed, influenced and affected a lot of peoples lives Dan, and you probably don't even realise it. Often people who really 'achieve' material things, look back on their lives too and realise they've done bugger all. As I've said to Pete many times when he's working himself to the bone or expecting too much of himself, when you die you aren't remembered for what a great boss you were, or how fantastic your presentations were. People remember you for being a warm caring person, a great friend or lover, and more inmportantly a good father.