Oops - Lost In The Woods

As has been subtly pointed out by a few people, the 0ddness updates have been somewhat... Lax of late. This maybe slightly true, and for once, I have very little in the way of excuses.


Yep, you should know by now, there is always an except, a PS, caveats and addendum's, whatever else I can use as a fancy word for "excuse". Over the last week or two, the house has seemed stale. Granted it needs a good old-fashion decorating, which is a work in progress with Jo and Celeste on the case, but otherwise, it needed something. You may recall back in December that we had the smart-plan of moving the computers from downstairs to the upstairs... Well, for the last couple of weeks, we've been fidgety in that room. It wasn't too small, but seemed to grow smaller. And the kids were torn between which rooms they would play in, dragging more and more toys into the room, making it smaller, crampier and cluttering it to high hell.

Added to this, Jaysen is get the stage where his room is HIS room, and the current #1 Uttered Phrase in this house is "Tam, get out of my room!". I kid ye not - it's kicked my own hit of "Oops *crash*" from the top spot. So. Two kids, plus us, computers taking a room... The numbers didn't add up.

Add to this... The room Jaysen and Tamsyn share was originally Bethanys room, and is decorated as such. Girlie. Our room is neutral blues, reds, purples. The computer room is deep orange walls, dark blue ceiling (with glow in the dark stars!). To cut a long story short (too late), we've spent the last five days moving rooms around.

  • The computers are now in the living room
  • Our room is now in the old computer room
  • Jaysens room is now our old room
  • Tamsyns room is now the kids old room

Now, it goes without saying, this was a massive amount of moving, shifting, hefting, lifting. We did the bulk of the work in one day, but have been clearing up, sorting and arranging over the last few days trying to re-home all the junk.

Which we seem to collect a huge amount of.

The downside to this - well, to put it bluntly, I can hardly f$cking move I am hurting so much. BUT it was worth it. The kids are a lot happier, and despite the worry of Tam sleeping in her own bed, alone, she's doing pretty well and has spent 3 of the 4 nights alone, joining us just once. Jaysen is loving his own room, and both kids have more room to junk with toys play, not to mention the kids (and Jo) can now watch TV or play in the lounge, where we are too!

Everyone wins.

Aside from that, and the house looking like a bomb has hit it, and me having a couple of really crappy days, things are on the up once again. And, after I post for Musical Monday - which will follow this, but thanks to ordering, you've probably seen that first - I will no doubt add a couple of links for you to go peek at.

Or something.

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