Animal Craziness

So, what has been happening in Chez 0ddness of late? Well, after Jo's nan passed away, I once again fell into that stinky rut-place and shut myself away in my usual "deal with it like a rock" sort of way. Did it work? Not a clue, but I feel better in myself now. Even though I didnt go to the funeral, even though everyone else is dealing fairly well, I just fell into the dumps.

Ho Hum.

Other than that, the animal situation has gotten sort of... mental. Chuck Norris has been kidnapped indefinetly by Jo's dad. When we went away, they "looked after him", and upon returning, the little sod followed Jo's dad everywhere and for the first time in a long time, he (Dad) was happy! Jo offered the kitten up, and that was that. Chuck Norris is now named Indy, as in, Indianapolis, to go in with their American Cat naming theme.

The following week, Jo's great-aunt-that's-not-really-her-aunt was over. She and Nan were always together, and she's been at a loss since she died, and would you believe that little traitor, Miguel the Spaniard Dog, would sit with Margaret the entire time we were around. He became this strange little lapdog that sat with her the entire time, not even moving for dinner unless Margaret said "Go on then!". We then had her look after him for a couple of days while we sorted out some more stuff, the little Judas followed her everywhere.

So, we decided that every old person needs someone to love, and now Miguel lives with Margaret. We see her every weekend anyway and he now goes with her everywhere, so that's a something new as well!

In other animal-news, Sinny the cat from hell and Cosmo, one of the idiot boys, have both gone to live with other people after we decided 4 cats was too many. The house is a lot quieter and CLEANER now, with one dog, two cats and two rats. We've decided we're not replacing any kitties once they are gone, nor rodents, but will always have a dog of some kind :)

Aside from random animal happenings, things have been relatively quiet. As quiet as a house with a tearaway-two-year-old and a maurading-eight-year-old can me. I won't go into the floods, the germs, the moods, the summer holiday boredom, the razor incident or anything else, just assume that everything in the house is at it's usual calm, quiet simmering chaos.

As usual.

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2 Responses to “Animal Craziness”

joansy said...

Welcome back! And very funny re: your traitor pets. I wouldn't mind finding new homes for our two cats, Tico and Apple, but I imagine the kids would insist on going with them and I suppose that would not be good.

Nancy Jensen said...

Gosh, I wish it was as easy to get rid of my kids as it is for you to get rid of your pets! Meaning my 21 yr old seems to have no intention of moving out anytime soon.

But it is very sweet of you and Jo to give the animals to the old folks who need them. (Not that Jo's dad is oooooold, but in your own words, if they are older than you, then they are OLD.)