Musical Mon, er, Tuesday #.. um..

Music soothes the savage beast. Or so they say - I've never managed to stop Jo beating the pants out of me by singing "Row-Row-Row-Your-Boat", but, in order to placate the masses of readers that play here - all seven of you - I figured I would mark my return (or re-re-return) with a Musical Monday post on a Tuesday. Soothe the savage unwashed masses, as it were.

Now, I never knew this song existed until a friend pointed me at it, and it's not who I would expect to be singing, let alone collaborating together. Brittany Murphey Ft. Paul Oakenfold - Faster Kill Pussycat is a club track with the afore-mentioned actress singing and dancing to the afore-mentioned DJ mixing his stuff. Good bass, good rhythm, and her voice is actually really good. I think she's very sexy too, so I am slightly biased ;)

So, hopefully that will soothe those of you that want balls on a stick and suchlike!

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2 Responses to “Musical Mon, er, Tuesday #.. um..”

Laney said...

Good choice! I have this on my MP3 player.

Anonymous said...

Good find I would purr for her...