Bit Of *BZZZ* A Strange *BZZZ* Day

There's one thing with being on Paroxetine. It's good in that it's an anti-depressant, but it's bad if I miss a dose. Like yesterday, and 3pm today while I realised I missed it this morning.

Now, you might be scratching your head in regards to this tablet name, but you know it, most likely as Paxil, especially if you're an American and know of all the controversy surrounding it.

Don't get me wrong, I noticed a massive improvement in my general self a couple of weeks after starting it, and while I have "Bad Days", missing a dose, or even missing it by just a handful of hours, brings on a side effect known as "The Zaps". I've had them all day, and they mess with my concentration, balance, train of thought... It's hard to explain, but various descriptions range from having a blanket of static dragged over the head, to low-level electrical discharges pulsing down through the body.

Added with the vertigo, I look like some really crap breakdancer. I'll be mid-way through a sentence, and will pause as I get a BZZZ! down through me which makes me pause and look even crazier than usual.

Now, hopefully, now that I've taken my tablet, and should remember to take it in the morning, I will be back to normal by lunchtime. But for now, I'm just the energizer bunny with a loose wire.

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4 Responses to “Bit Of *BZZZ* A Strange *BZZZ* Day”

g-man said...

Well you know what you get when you put the Energizer Bunny's batteries in backward don't you??


He just keep coming and coming.

Now that would be bad.

g-man said...

Can you leave a tablet at work for such a time as this?

Dan said...

Work? What is this work you speak of? hehe The tablets are in the house where I am, I just forget to take them. Even with an alarm AND a reminder on my phone!

Yes, I am a spaz ;)

debbie said...

sorry to hear you get like this Dan when you miss a does but it must give Jo a good laugh..just sounds so funny but clearly is not