You know what this blog has been missing for some time? Pirates! YAAAAR!

And why, you might ask, is Dan suddenly and randomly discussing pirates? Because, it's coming... Last year, it approached rapidly, it got closer and closer - and I even told the world to ignore my birthday in favour of this date.

And yes, to the anonymous commenter previously, unless I tell people otherwise, the entire world does in fact celebrate my birthday..... *cough*

Anyway, Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming! Oh yes, September 19th, you have to post in the style of a pirate. To add to this, last year I missed TLAPD due to sickness. This year, I will be on mainland Europe, but I shall post, oh yes. I have my ways.

And because this is a piratey post, we have to have the greatest pirate video ever.

And for the record: Pirates are better than Ninjas. If you think otherwise, please leave!

Edit: Oooh, two Busty Wenches for post icons in a row!

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3 Responses to “YAAAR!”

Stuart Wilson said...


Kieran loves this song. Had to buy the Lazy Town album because it was on it, just to keep him happy!

g-man said...

Arrrrr. Ya salty dog, I'll mark that date on me map.

Em's way said...

Yarrrr grrrr Skye keeps asking for the blessed video now :D