Find Old Friends And Stalk Them

One of the places I've been "frequenting" of late is a Social Networking site, sort of like MySpaz, but A) Safer and B) Grown Up. You create your profile, find others on there by name and request a connection - if they don't want you to know about them, they ignore it. You add funky little tools, applications and stuff which you can share with your friends and generally lark around.

Now, when I say I've been "frequenting" the site, I mean I check it once every day or two and then forget I have it till the next time I check it. My original friend base consisted of mostly bloggers, but I am slowly finding others on there, or converting others to join in. To be honest, I've not done much seriously on there yet, but who knows - with things slowly becoming a little more normal, I might find the time.

If you want check it out, go to and look me up, under the astoundingly original name of "Dan English"

On top of this, I've managed to cobble my old laptop back together from old spare parts, and voila! My laptop is back online. I (foolishly, perhaps) installed Vista on it, and it runs fairly well, but has brain-farts here and there every now and again. Still, I've got it sorted on the wireless network, and can once again post from where-ever I like.

Yes, even the toilet.

Added to this, I've managed to install my webcam on there too, installed the Camstreams software and whay-hey - webcam'tastic!

I had considered putting an image of the camera directly on my blog, but decided it slowed down things too much before, so now, you'll have to go directly to the page to view it and see if it's on. The funky part - as the laptop is wireless, and as the webcam software is on there, I can move it around!


If you want to see what's happening on there, go to

Lastly, for those that tend to read back over posts, you might have noticed that there are a LOT of arse-headed-spammers putting their two pence in. As such, and as much as I hate to admit it, I've had to put Word Verification onto my comments. You can still post anonymously if you need to, and see how it goes.

And there you have it - Facebook, Laptop, Wireless, Webcam, Room Moves, Spammers and general Chez-0ddness-Craziness. Busy busy busy!

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One Response to “Find Old Friends And Stalk Them”

joansy said...

Hey - I joined too. We'll see . . .