Webcam: Todays View

For anyone checking the webcam stream today, the camera is placed outside (shocking, I know) on the middle floor of the house. The view? Mostly, our road, Long Riding, and the traffic, but for a change of pace, we're undergoing Gas Pipe Maintenance!

Yep, it's non-stop thrills and spills on my street. You might even see *gasp* the top of Sally Dogs head.

Apologies for the white bars - that's the edge of our balcony. Of course, Tam has tried climbing over said-balcony several times, so you might get more action than bargained for.

Either that, or they will rupture the gas main! hehe


Now all I have to do is watch the weather, or craft some kind of weather-proof hat for the camera! hehe

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One Response to “Webcam: Todays View”

The Special Zipper said...

Webcam is cool .. Tarnya said you might see something amusing like the workers break into a car. Then again since you shipped us convicts off that probably doesn't happen in the UK!