Head From Hell

Now, yesterday can officially be put down as a Really Shit Day. It wasn't bad enough that every part of my body hurt, but around lunchtime, I started smelling things. Icky, nasty things that no one else could smell.

I had a migraine coming.

Now, sometimes it gets to the stinky-smell stage and hangs there or fades. However, yesterday, it rapidly went from stinky-smell stage into headache stage. And it built rapidly from there. By four in the afternoon, everything was too bright, everything was too loud, and I felt like shit.

Skip forwards to 11pm, and I'm laying in bed, headache still building, nothing touching it, and it progressed to the "being sick2 stage which I hate. After half an hour of being ill, I somehow stumbled into the lounge and collapsed on the sofa. No pillow, no covers, I just flaked. 6am, I wake up, no headache, back screaming, and made it back into bed.

Half one this afternoon I manage to wake up and get up. No headache, just lots of back and leg pain. But that I can deal with - I'm back on the sofa, armed with laptop and kids TV. I've even put the webcam on!

Thankfully, it was last night I felt rough - tonight, Jo's mum has the kids, and we're going to Ruths to have a boozey evening.

Yay to be adults for a change!

Edit: I think I'm being a bit thick, but I can't get my webcam to connect to the web on my main PC, so no cam :)

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