Hollywierd Mind Readers?

Several years ago, I saw a piece of artwork that I fell in love with. I kept it for as long as I can remember because it spurred the creativity in me for a certain genre, both writing and gaming.

I've always been a fantasy geek (like you didn't realise that); dragons, knights, magic, good vs. evil - I know there are those out there that frown upon it, but me, it's my bread and butter. However, mixing the fantasy genre with modern-day life just... I don't know, it appealed in a big way.

The picture in question was by a famous fantasy artist named Larry Elmore. If you've ever read or even seen the Dragonlance books, any of the D&D books, or been to gaming conventions, then chances are you've seen his work. The picture in question is this:

Simple concept - Dragon chasing a Fighter Plane. Nothing amazing, nothing funky, but I don't know. I love it.

So, enough rambling - a few nights back, me and Jo were chatting about movies, and the topic of "there needs to be a good Fantasy-Meets-Modern movie" cropped up. Granted, a few years back there was "Reign of Fire" - dragons take over and destory everything. Close, but more a post-apocalypse movie.

Now fast forward to this evening, and here's me wandering around the web when I see a banner ad Firefox hasn't blocked. Curses - but, no, wait... "Dragon-Wars" So I click it. And end up at the official page for a movie due out next month, Dragon Wars: D-War.

The trailer looks very cool - lots of CGI monsters and suchlike, so if that's not your bag, you might want to skip it. I just find it rather odd that not a few days back we were talking about such things and lo-and-behold, here it is.


In semi-related news, the afore-mentioned Dragonlance books... Well, if you read them, be prepared for the movie. This weekend, the world preview of the trailer was shown to those that were able to attend GenCon US in Indiana. By all accounts, it kicked bottom. Lots of famous names, especially for a low-budget animated movie, especially given how much people hated the "other" D&D Movie, which I happened to like. Of course, it's sequel was a Straight-To-DVD-Crapfest!

(Dragonlance links: Wikipedia, D&D Site, Movie Site, IMdb)

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