Post 900

Post 900 eh...

Must be time for a new skin/layout... *cough*

Edit: Oops, I broke something... starting over!

Edit Again: Clearly I am having a nightmare day today...

Edit Again-Again: OK, I've finally managed to get somewhere without breaking it. Go Me. However, flicking between Firefox and Internet Explorer, it would appear IE is having what you might term as "issues" with the code. Which is very odd, but still. Of course, I don't know how long this template will last, so be prepared for it to change, just in case!

Edit: Gah, I am having a mare. I know roughly what I am looking for, but am struggling to find That Perfect Template for me. You'll just have to bare with the constant altering.

Edit: Nads to it, I quit.

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One Response to “Post 900”

The Random One said...

Heh, as the page started loading I said to myself "Oh no, not again".