Rhetorical Rambling

Let's say you live in Country X. You've lived there all your life, your family is all there, you've not seen huge amounts of the world, not to mention your friends - however few they number - also live in that area. Let's say you have kids as well, and their friends, their school (and obviously their extended family) are also in that area.

You have a friend. We'll call this friend George. George lives in another country elsewhere on the planet, and you're good friends with him. You speak with him regularly, you've met in person when he come over to where you live, and you have no reason to consider George makes up things or gives hollow offers.

George lives - in his country - in a quiet, rural area, several miles from any large towns, but not so far that you need to slog cross-country. George also owns his own land, a fairly large piece of land. One day, in conversation, it comes up between George and Yourself that you'd like a change of pace, a fresh start.

And George offers you - for nothing - a large slab of his land. On top, he explains to you how you'd mortgage the land, raise money to build a house of your own, and things that would need to happen.

But to get all this, you'd have to emigrate. Visas, Citizenship, Tests, not to mention this country doesn't do the points-based immigrants, but does it another way - and especially, you'd need a job. George tells you he could probably help in the job department, but the rest is up to you. The job would need to be secured, then the Visas for you and your family, then the land, then the mortgage, the house... George even tells you you could live with him while the house is being built as he is often away on business.

Gee, I'd sure hate to be tangled up in that sort of decision making...

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3 Responses to “Rhetorical Rambling”

debbie said...

HI Dan,

sounds to me like George has offered you a good deal, Take it that George or whoever has just moved home recently, oh I get it the Job on offer is a baby sitter.. or Nanny or those Live in nannys,, you know what Dan if this was a geuine offer from a real kind guy I would defo go for it,.,far better life for the little ones.. but there would only be one thing that would stop me,, and its something you have in your heart that would be holding you here..

thats if this is all about you and not some other person,, or are you just rambling on drugs

The Random One said...

I agree with above!

g-man said...

Wow. I'd hate to be tangled up in that kind of decision making too! Good luck with that.