House Work Day

Over here in Old Blighty, today is Bank Holiday Monday. Which means precisely squat to me, but a lot of others in the country get the day off, some shops are closed, and, well - search Bank Holiday in Wikipedia or on here for more info.

However, today I've been pottering around the house, clearing up the devestation left in the wake of Tamsyn. And Jo, being that she's a messy person too. And you can bet every time I've come back to a computer I've missed a message from someone. I am sure ya'll can live without me for a bit!

In non-Bank Holiday traditions, the weather has actually been really good - which aside from meaning "Yay no rain!" it also means I'm sweating like a... well, like a busy fat man in summer. The upside to this means that the last week of school holidays will be nice weather. The downside means it'll be hot sweaty weather when school returns.

And did I mention the sweatiness? hehe

Now it's cooled down a bit, this old man has to do some gardening. Lawns need mowing, flowers need watering, rubbish needs "removing". I'm trying to convince Jo to let me have a bonfire, but she thinks I'm more likely to burn my head.

We shall see...

And yes, another bimbo for a post image!

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3 Responses to “House Work Day”

g-man said...

Keep up the bimbo posts, they need jobs too. :)

Our old neighbors (who have been in England for the past year) have returned for a visit. It is really hot and rainy, I think they brought it with them.

The Random One said...

I don't know who you could've possible missed a message from!

Dan said...

Christine: Some days I miss stacks of MSN Messages... cracks me up. SOME people even have one-sided conversations!!

Gman: The bimbos are always in my thoughts, don't worry - I will employ them when I get the chance. And as for the weather, it's lovely here all of a sudden AND it's holding. Just in time for the kids to return to school next week!