Sniped Out of Nowhere!

Dagnabbit. So, I'd not long dragged my exhausted ass out of bed this morning, stumbled through the house and sat at my computer to check my mail. Yesterday, we finished up in the garden, weeded some flowerbeds (scary thought), and had a tidy up. We decided to have a little bonfire as well which was nice, sitting in the twilight, just me and Jaysen... But anyway, yesterday was busy.

Back to this morning. I'm sitting here answering silly questions from a certain Pompey Lass, when the phone goes. Jo is chatting to her parents who - as planned - are off to GenCon UK this week, and we (as usual) drew the short-house-sitting straw. Jo reminds me we're there this weekend. Great.

Despite being asked to house sit for the weekend, Jo's face drops. They leave tomorrow and we're expect there tomorrow to boot. So now we're in panic-mode clearing up our house and packing bags for a Wednesday-to-Sunday stay.

I hate it when stuff comes out of no where :(

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