Death of a Season

In the space of just a couple of days, the weather has well and truly turned. What was just a typical British Summer has blown out into a wet autumn. The leaves on the tress along Long Riding (something seems wrong with that sentance!) are all rapidly switching from greens to yellows and reds, and the horrible north wind is dragging them off the branches and throwing them all over the place.

And let's not forget the rain being pushed by afore-mentioned wind.

And once again, the Met Office is predicting "One of the worst winters ever", just like they have done for the last few years. I mean, they will have to get it right eventually won't they... I think all we managed last year was a good frost!

Otherwise in Chez 0ddness, the germs are still a-lingering. I'm just drained and empty, while Jo is now in bed hibernating feeling icky sick. On top of her Man Made Germs, she is also coming down with the dreaded She-Bug that visits once a month.


As it occurs to me I missed Musical Monday (from being a mixture of tired, sick, and unused to being home!) I figured I would post this rather amusing semi-musical clip. Stuart, pay attention here...

So, we say "Cya!" to Summer, and crack out the brooms to greet the Autumn leaves piling up everywhere...

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One Response to “Death of a Season”

Anonymous said...

I hate to see summer gone. No more sunning my azz off.
No more falling asleep in the chair on the beach, and no more fresh great shell fish to eat. No more baseball.
It seems that when summer ends the rest of the year just flys by...And before ya know it, it's a new year.
Oh well, we can't stop change so lets enjoy it.