Mountain From A Mole Hill

You know when things just don't seem right? You feel out of place, and everything feels out of place and just wrong?

No, you probably don't... But anyway, today, everything was bothering me. My hair was irritating the shit out of me, my clothes were getting caught at funny angles, my keyboard - yes folks, my keyboard - was annoying me. So I just huffed, turned off my computer (shocking, eh?) and sat on the sofa moping.

See, I decided I wanted rearrange my desk and make that different but better - less cluttered, less irritating, less annoying. I also mentioned once (Note: ONCE) that I'd considered shifting around the living room somehow to make it less annoying as hell.

Jo took this to mean... well, I don't know, but she decided we should move the entire lounge around and rearrange it so I was less weird about it all. And that was my day. We moved everything bar one item in the living room around, and around, and around. In fact, we literally moved everything in here in a complete 360° circle, putting it all back in the same place we started - minus an armchair that was on it's last legs, so we lobbed that off the balcony.

No, really.

Then Jo pointed out her keyboard was sticking after a "Hot Cup Of Tea" incident, so I gave that a stripping/showering/scrubbing/blow-drying/reassembling and continued moving furniture. While she fell asleep. The result?

Well, we're down one armchair, and our desks are back how they were, but reversed, me on the right, Jo on the left. That is the entire change we made in here today. Oh, I'm sorry - the rats are now six feet further to the right. Whoop.

I'm exhausted, and I am in oooooow-land. Back and Knee are giving me serious hassle for making them do something.

Sunday, "day of rest" indeed...

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2 Responses to “Mountain From A Mole Hill”

Queen of the Mayhem said...

That sounds like something we would do here!

Hope your back and knee feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

You make it sound like it was all my fault! Need i remind you that before i decided to try and help you get out of your weird irritated mood, you were already on your hands and knees with the table you use as a desk on your back like some kind of deranged tortoise!!!