The Germs Keep A-Comin'

I am fairly sure that the germs that enter our house are some sort of super, bionic, genetically-engineered uber-germ that just cannot be killed... See, I am still poorly, but more "I Have A Cold" than anything else. Jo is also poorly, but she's suffering in the same way all girlies do each month.

No, the joyous stomach bug has shifted from me onto the little man. Jaysen spent all night (and I do mean all night) awake, upset and generally a sad little chap. Before this, he sat on the stairs telling me how much he didn't need school and didn't want to go in today. Miraculously, he starts "getting ill" not long after this, so me and Jo consider the fact he's pulling a fast one. 10pm he's still awake and feeling ill, same for 11pm. Just after midnight, he's crying, tired, wants to sleep and feels ill. I get him onto the sofa, put on some music and sit with him, and the inkling of "he might be telling the truth" springs into my sleep-deprived mind.

2am he's still awake and crying, 3am, 4am, 5am... 6am I give up on any chance of sleep and get up, shower and sit with the poor little lad, who by now is burning, burping and looks like crap.

And then the vomit-stream begins.

Thankfully, it only lasted for about six hours (only...) and has since stopped, and needless to say, he's off school today. We tried him on Dirolyte but he despises the stuff. And I do mean despises. He's been napping on and off today, completely not hungry and generally unhappy.

Fingers crossed he (and, especially, *I*) manage to sleep tonight. He'll be off school tomorrow as well as they don't let kids in till they are 24-hour puke free, so hopefully tomorrow it'll be more a case of him wanting everything instead of just sitting and being an unhappy chappy.

And as a side note, Jo had her hair done again today. Very sexy, very nice - will get pictures tomorrow no doubt ;)

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One Response to “The Germs Keep A-Comin'”

The Random One said...

I caught your germs... while on vacation.

Will post later D: