Relaxing At Home

Well, after a holiday, we're all home, exhausted and in need of a break ;) Luckily, we'd booked off today as holiday for Jaysen, so we're having a lazy day and just relaxing, catching up on laundry and chilling out.

Yep, we had a great holiday, but it is soooo good being home. My own bed, my own bathroom, comfortable sofa, computer and internet, no need to be constantly on the go-go-go.

Holland was lovely, and I will miss the people, the atmosphere, the food... I won't miss their obsession for liquorice and salty sweets, nor the fact that it's so damn flat. It's also going to be nice to cross a road and just watch for traffic... In Holland, we had to check for bikes, then cars (from the wrong direction compared to home!), then trams, then more cars, then more bikes. They even ride scooters/mopeds/vespa on the pavement!

I had some real issues with my knee, and have decided to make a doctors appointment. The journey there was a nightmare even with painkillers, and I've been hobbling around the whole time. My back has been a bit icky, but that's because we've been on the go constantly.

Of course, with Jaysen back at school tomorrow, I'll just have to grin and bear it ;)

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3 Responses to “Relaxing At Home”

Laney said...

Glad you all got home in one piece. Shame you didn't lose the limp while you were over there, it must be bad if it hurts through painkillers. :(

g-man said...

Hey Dan welcome back. I enjoyed your trip. :) Amsterdam is a destination of mine one of these days.

Hope your knee feels better soon, a couple of days on your backside should help :)

joansy said...

Welcome home! I enjoyed the pics. Good luck with the knee and back.