So, this weekend, me and Jo are off away for a break. All very nice, time away from the kids and generally escaping the hassle of "real life" before Xmas. All good. To make sure we had the money, Dan, in all his infinite wisdom, made sure is *cough* rather high mobile phone bill was paid waaaay in advanced. Like, two weeks ago. Just to make sure the money didn't escape into the ether.

So, last night, while I am sitting on the toilet checking my email and browsing the web, I check the bank just to make sure that the money is in the bank. Available Balance: Sweet Bugger All.

Shit. Shitty McShitshit.

Click, click click - Vodafone decided in all their wisdom to not freeze my Direct Debit, and to charge me again for the, ah, *cough* rather high phone bill. So, in true Dan fashion, I phone them. From the loo. Now, I am never one to rant and rave at a call centre person - I've been on the other end of the phone - and discuss for almost an hour why THEY screwed up, that I am NOT a happy banana.

So, this guy sets the ball rolling for "Have your money back Mr English" even though it make take 3-5 days. We're heading out Friday Lunchtime! So it's going to be close.

However, after my delicate pointing out of me not being the afore-mentioned happy banana, the chappy offers me a deal on my account for the inconvenience. A deal that would have cost me an extra £40. So woot me ;)

And, for the record, the toilet is now free.

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3 Responses to “Baaaastards!”

debbie said...

Did you tell them you were on the loo?? cause I think I would have given the money straight back if I was speaking to some odd block on the loo..

hope it gets back to you honey pretty sharpish..

Anonymous said...

hmm is the bill my fault darling?

g-man said...

I can hear the echoing "Don't make me get off this toilet and come down there"

"I'm sorry Mr. English, are you in the loo?"

"Yes. I was so angry over this that I scared the shit out of myself."

"Here is your money sir."

:) have a nice day.