Hunting Me

People come to this blog from all over the place. While I can't boast a huge amount of traffic per day, I am more than happy with the numbers of people that visit, either repeatedly or new comers.

That said, I've always enjoyed finding out exactly how people have found me. Some hit the blog randomly, coming from the "Next Blog" button, some have me bookmarked, some follow a link on someone elses blog or page, or, they find me via the search engines. Usually, people find me in a completely innocent manner - places I've mentioned, medical issues, or a random string of words.

Some searches are so specific it worries me who the person is looking for, well, what they are looking for... To get an idea of what I am prattling on about, type "statcounter" into the search box on the right there and look at some previous mentions.

So, today, I have two interesting search strings that led someone here...

Yes folks, someone is searching for "Dan in underpants". I don't know if that's me they are looking for, or just people named Dan wearing their pants. Which also leads me to wonder... Did they find what they were looking for? Also, that last one - are they looking for young people pretending to be grown ups, or are they looking for adults that are playing together?

Well, someone around Basildon must be poorly and lonely. Burping sick and looking for the red light district in Basildon. Not sure any ladies of leisure would be too happy to service someone that is burping up vomit. But then, maybe they are trying to find someone into that ;)

And yes, I have used another scantily clad girlie. They need more exposure ;)

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2 Responses to “Hunting Me”

The Random One said...

Heh, they found you when looking for Poison.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, I was not looking for you in underpants.