Repaired (For Now)

So, after several hours of pissing around with templates again, I think I've settled on one that A) Works, and B) I Like. I am still never completely satisfied with the various templates I end up with, but for the time being, I'm done.

Speaking of repairs, Jo is having a "bit of a mare" with her mobile phone. It suffered some moisture damage at the hands of Tamsyn - that is, she plopped it in the dogs water bowl to clean it. We took it to the store and said "help!" and they sent it off, but her insurance doesn't actually cover accidental toddler damage. Luckily, the only part of the phone that was affected was the memory card reader - which means not a lot really, she just couldn't use a memory card.

The chap at the shop said should either take it as is, and have it as a phone (because all the other functions worked), or we could fork out three-digits to get her a new phone. Well, being the kind soul I am, I said to her "Don't worry dear, we'll just swap phones, I don't need the memory card bit.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon backing up both phones, saving contacts, shifting files here and there, got the phones switched (we've still got the same numbers, so don't worry), and headed out on the school run. One of our friends was late, so we stole her kids and I called her on my phone which was Jo's damaged one.

And the fricking microphone has stopped working. Whoever opened it at Vodafone has broken another part of the phone, rendering it now virtually useless. Their answer? "Bring it to the shop and we'll send it off for repair".

So, that should be interesting to see if they try saying "no, water damage stopped it working" when it was working fine before hand...

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