I Made It

I Made It?

A few years ago, a friend of mine started blogging. Her blog was a general day-to-day journal of stuff; thoughts, rants, humour, news stories - whatever sparked her interest, she'd blog it. I started reading it and a couple of her friends blogs, and thought "I can do that!"

So, using some other platform, I started blogging. I can't actually remember what my blog was called, but I do remember wrestling to hell and back with the layout code. I chatted and ranted, and had a couple of readers.

And then I forgot about it.

Fast forward a while longer, and I decided I actually DID enjoy it, and even though I couldn't remember anything about my other blog, I set up a new one on BlogSpot.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, brings me back to the point of this post.

This is post number 1000.

I've hit four-digit post numbers. Now, granted, some of my posts have been nothing more than a few lines or a picture or whatever, but never did I think "This will bump my post count" or "I'll post it for the sake of posting". And I can honestly say - even with the long hiatus I took after losing Bethany, this blog has been a lifeline to me. I don't know what I'd have done instead of blogging, but what if's and maybes - I tend to ignore them.

And in 1000 posts in almost four years, I've covered plenty, from the emotions of a newborn and losing Bethy, ranting about people or the weather, or about people moaning about the weather, the kids escapades, stupidity, bravery, injuries (personal and otherwise)... I think I've covered a lot. Even my writing style as changed - looking at the first posts from December 2003, I was writing in all lower-case.

Since I started blogging, so much in my life has changed, from family, employment, sickness... And over that time, the blog in it's many incarnations has been viewed, as of this morning over 43,000 times. I didn't get my first comment until August of 2004 - I think back then I had a hardcore reader base of about three people.

So, to you, my readers - Old and New alike - I thank you. Thanks for your visit today, thanks for reading, and thanks for being out there letting me know I blog for a reason - to entertain you. If you weren't out there, I'd probably still blog, but not as often. And to all my fellow bloggers, keep up the good work.

As an aside, and as everyone loves comments (especially me!), post in the comments section, say Hi, let me know how long you've been reading, and if there's anything you'd like to see!

Once again, thank you for being there for me.


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11 Responses to “I Made It”

The Special Zipper said...

Hi Dan .. my name is Tim .. and I'm addicted to Blogging. This is my first meeting of Bloggers Anonymous, oh shit .. I shouldn't have left my name .. and I haven't blogged for ummm .. 5 minutes (oh crap .. another doozy).

Anyway, I have been reading your material since about July last year and it has been fun ... hope to see it continue in the future.

Emma said...

I would like to see your moobs!

Em's way said...

I have been reading since the summer of 2004 when we first joined the CHD world. Reading your blog is sometimes fun, sometimes thought provoking and sometimes sad, but it is always real. Thank you for sharing the good times and the bad times with us all. Thanks for telling it as it is and I agree with emma I wanna see your moobs too :P

Anonymous said...

I have been reading for ermm the last few weeks but then i didnt know it was here or anything. but love ya anyways x

The Random One said...

:D Congrats. Thanks for being a good read :D

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog since 2004. I knew the first email you wrote that you was one of a kind. I am the one that commented below about loving you! I don't blog but I do have myspace. You can find me under teardrop.

Nancy Jensen said...

Oh gosh, I have no idea how long I've been rading your garble... I mean, blog. I've "known" you since you joined the chd world when Bethy was still just a bump. I didn't know about your blog at first, then would check it on occasion, then more and more often until I became addicted to blogging too. As others have said, your posts have been real, whether they be silly, ranting or sad, I appreciate your openess and honesty. I also appreciate you reading my brilliant masterpieces on my blog. :-D

Happy 1000th post! Keep it up!

Nancy Jensen said...

Oh yeah, and what about showing your MOOBs (man-boobs)? Do you wear a 'Bro' or a 'Manziere'? The world wants to know!

The Special Zipper said...

I lay out the challenge .. if Dan reveals his man boobs ... for good or bad .. I'll do the same

Emma said...

You ask what we want to see and then ignore it??? I see no moobs yet English!!

debbie said...

Hi Honey,, I think I got into reading your blog about Feb 2005.. never been into blogging until then..Love to read your ramblings too