Weekly Roundup #1

Taken from Christine over at Randomness, she came up with this idea. Granted, she came up with it two weeks ago and forgot the first week, but still. The purpose? To list the Highs and Lows of the previous week. And, granted, it should be done on a Saturday, but it's not like I am known for my "doing things or time". Anyway, more information here, and her first list here.

Punctuality, that's the word I wanted there. But it IS 6am.

So anyway, I am doing it late today, and then will do it again on Saturday. Assuming I remember, that is.

Da Highs
  • Getting the entire Samurai Jack collection on DVD
  • Reaching 1000 posts on here (Sad, I know!)
  • Seeing Lane again after disappearing from work
  • Not having to house-sit for the entire time the In Laws were away
  • Not killing a certain non-relative
  • Receiving LOTS of boobies for "charity"
  • Slaving away and making the house virtually clear of junk

Da Lows
  • Reaching new highs of sleep deprivation
  • The kids trashing and re-junking the house
  • Having to house sit just a tiny bit
  • Not killing a certain non-relative
  • Hearing a friend is being dicked around by someone. The bastard.
  • Insomnia. It sucks.
And there we have it! The simplest things that either entertain or piss me off ;)

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2 Responses to “Weekly Roundup #1”

Anonymous said...

aww hunny i think the reaching of new high's of sleep deprivation is possibly down to me and the fact we stayed up and chatted til god knows what time.

but i know u love me and that it will be fine xxx

The Random One said...

Yaaaaaaaaay! ^_^

I had sleep deprivation too, rock on.