There are, I admit, times when I am sexist. However, I have never been a proper sexist. If I were to even suggest to Jo that I believe she should be in the kitchen, or to any of my girlie friends they need to put on some makeup and look pretty for me - well, I believe the castration would have happened long ago.

Yes, I act sexist, but never is any of it serious. At all. If you girls want to work in a mine shaft, go into space, burn your bras or not shave your legs, more power to you. But, sidenote, please don't rub those legs on me! I'm not going to stop you, and you should probably kick down any man that considers it.

Now, flip that coin over, and while it's not a lot, there is a male sexism that exists. A picture, it has to be said, painted by your girls mostly, but further enhanced by "Manly Men". It's expected that men will sit and watch the game (and know the rules!), drink beer, belch, fart, itch our nuts in public and generally "be men".

Earlier today, I came across a list of "25 Things All Men Should Know" and on reading it, realised I am either not a real man, or there is something wrong with my view of life. Here is the list, and I have broken it down bit by bit:

1. Patch a radiator hose
Like, in a car? I wouldn't even know where to find said-hose.

2. Protect your computer
Keeping the kids off it? Check. Installing Antivirus/Firewall? Check. Man-thing, or Geek Thing?

3. Rescue a boater who as capsized
Yeah, I'd phone the coastguard, and throw him a rubber ring. So no clue.

4. Frame a wall
Like, putting a frame around a wall? Why would you do that?

5. Retouch digital photos
Yeah, I put it into Paintshop Pro, click "Auto Enhance" and done.

6. Back up a trailer
I can't reverse a car, let alone with anything attached to it.

7. Build a campfire
The firebug Boy Scout in me knows this!

8. Fix a dead outlet
"Hello, emergency electrician? I have this problem..."

9. Navigate with a map and compass
Again, the Boy Scout in me can.

10. Use a torque wrench
I don't even know what a torque wrench is!

11. Sharpen a knife

12. Perform CPR
Checkaroony! BUT shouldn't that be something that everyone knows?

13. Fillet a fish
Check and Done!

14. Maneuver a car out of a skid
Well, considering I would have caused said-skid, I doubt I could get out of it!

15. Get a car unstuck
From the mud? Yep.

16. Back up data
Yeah, you save it to a DVD-ROM!

17. Paint a room
I can slap paint on a wall. Does that count?

18. Mix concrete
I think it involves water and sand. Otherwise, no clue!

19. Clean a bolt-action rifle
hahaha hehehe me? With a Gun? Seriously?!

20. Change oil and filter
I'd probably undo something and the engine would fall out.

21. Hook up an HDTV
Er, don't you just you plug it in...

22. Bleed brakes
I could bleed ON them.

23. Paddle a canoe
I can even row a boat!

24. Fix a bike flat
Yay! Something mechanical I can do!

25. Extend your wireless network
Yarp, with various bits of gadgetry and kit, I can do this!
So, I make that... well, it's certainly less than half. Add (or remove) onto that that I don't watch or "do" sports, I don't go to the pub, I completely suck at DIY, and have no clue when it comes to looking inside an engine.

I am no "man" - not by the standard sense or definition of the word.

However, I know women that are more than adapt at all these jobs than I am, so if they want it, they are welcome to have my "Man Mantle" and wear it with pride.

But please, shave those legs ;)

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2 Responses to “Sexist!”

g-man said...

I'm right there with ya.. Although I do know the workings of a car. Armpits and legs, really it just makes women look, well, less like men.

Laney said...

Well, Pete can do even less, and he is a 'mans man'.

9. Navigate with a map and compass
11. Sharpen a knife
14. Maneuver a car out of a skid
15. Get a car unstuck
21. Hook up an HDTV
23. Paddle a canoe

I would say that was the extent of his 'skills'.