The Skies Opened...

So today was "wet", and when I say "wet" I mean "it was absolutely pissing it down from dawn till dusk". And yes, I got caught in it.


This morning wasn't so bad - Jaysen got up late, rushed him out the door, got to Ruths who I also had to rush out the door, got to school, ditched the kids, got home, job done. Not too wet.

This afternoon, however, was a completely different story. Got Ruth, went to school, and were soaked before we even got there. Her youngest was out a few minutes late, so we got soaked waiting for her. Sorry, further soaked. Then the junior school - Jaysen and Ashley - was a nightmare. We get letters constantly reminding us the kids need to be in school promptly by 8.40am or there will be hell to pay. School kicks out at 3.05pm. Me, Ruth and her little one were standing in the pissing rain till just after 3.15pm.

We were completely and utterly soaked through. My coat leaked, my jeans were soaked, my hair holds water like a sponge. Jaysen was soaked before he even got to the school gate, and Ashley was having a "Who Can Keep Their Hood Down" competition with a friend, so she was soaked too.

Now, aside from the fact they built a "shelter" last year that holds just a dozen mums with their over-sized rain-cover-fitted buggies, everyone was getting wet and pissed off. No, our biggest gripe is the fact that if the kids get sick from getting drenched with their coats open/off, we the parents get bitched and moaned at for not ensuring our kids are in school every day.

Like everything else in this bloody country, it's become about The Mighty Stats And Figures and nothing else. They aren't bothered if the kids are sick, they moan and send shitty letters. If they suffer from puking or the craps (I know, but I'm in a mood), they have to stay off a further 24 hours since their last "episode". So Jaysen, poorly last Monday, was right as rain Tuesday - but because he'd been sick Monday morning, he had to stay off Tuesday too.

Part of me is considering informing the school that Jaysen will be having 15 minutes detention in the morning because he was 15 minutes late out. See how they bloody like it.

And maybe I'll pour a bucket of water over them and make them stand in the rain while they wait for him, just like the rest of us soaked-to-the-skin parents did this afternoon...

Edit: Hope getting soaked in your teeny tiny hood doesn't get your germs back Laney ;)

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2 Responses to “The Skies Opened...”

The Random One said...

Not a huge fan of the public school system either! Heh.

Here it seems to be all stats and figures most of the time.

Laney said...

Thankfully Pete was off yesterday, so I only got soaked from the car to the school. Was still bad enough though, you guys must have been drenched!