Do you ever have those days where you really aren't sure what you should be doing, let alone what you want to be doing. Today is such a day here in Chez 0ddness. I should be doing some housework, but can't be arsed. I could be playing WoW, but haven't paid my subs this month.

And, of course, being Monday, I should be doing a Musical Monday, but have, er, Musical Monday Block. I've got a few songs I could use but aren't grabbing me. I have a couple of posts I should be working on, but don't have the oompf to finish them.

I hate it when I get a case of the Can't Be Arseds, and it seems to strike more this time of year. I blame the weather - that's a British thing to do. While the sun is out at the moment, the sky is getting grey and gross-looking. It was raining all weekend, and the rain hammering on the window kept me aware.

Whine bitch moan piss.

Lucky for me, misery loves company, so I am helping out one of my sexy friends with a game because they had a crappy weekend. I'm search a good person!

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5 Responses to “Blockage!”

Em's way said...

Can I join your club please. I am throuroughly fed up and totally in the can't be arsed mode !!!

Phoenix said...

can tell ur not wiv it spellin is out of the window hee hee mwah.

Dan said...

Spellings?! Aside from your common Basildon-Speak, this post is typo-free thank you!

And Em, you are more than welcome in my club!

Shiny Demon said...

For one horrible moment there, I thought "Blockage" was gonna be about a lack of bowel movements.

Dan said...

hehe luckily I am MUCH too classy for that sort of shenanigans ;)

Well, maybe not, but still ;)