Today, I have been mostly blowing my nose. In fact, since Saturday, that seems to be ALL I am doing. I feel rough, icky, and my head is completely blocked. We had bolognese last night, and I couldn't taste it. I hate not tasting food.

Jo is OK today - aching from Stairway Acrobatics, but otherwise OK. She's spent most of the day with her leg up and resting, either playing on the computer, the playstation, watching TV or dosing on the sofa. Such laziness.

Anyway, when my head is all gloopy, I like music that doesn't rattle my teeth. Such as this song that I used to listen to all the time. The Cranberries - No Need to Argue. Musical Tuesday? Maybe. More a "song of the moment" more than anything. The video is a homemade jobbie from someone on YouTube, and is very well put together - matches the song perfectly.

Feet up, volume up, relax, enjoy...

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