Da Flu

Don't you hate it when sneezes become a cold, a cold becomes the flu, the Flu becomes ManFlu, and then - THEN - it has the audacity to develop into the dark pits of Migraineville. I've felt rough as crap all week, and Thursday I woke up with "that smell" that usually says Mr Migraine is coming for a visit. I spent Thursday and Friday pretty much out cold in bed, not getting up till the crack of 3pm.

On top of this, Jaysen has had a stinking cold, and Jo has been complaining about her foot or something. I think she's still trying to milk that particular sympathy cow, but alas, Mr Dan has been too ill to notice. Lucky for us, one of our friends have been waiting on us hand and foot (heh) so it's not been too hellish. And think of me what you will, but Cel is (to use the P.C term) "a member of an ethnic group", or (to not be P.C), she's black. And I give her such a hard time. So to have Cel cooking dinner or cleaning up, I get to make comments about her needing her chains, or to shine my shoes. She knows it's all in good fun, and she'll play along too. Especially in public which cracks me up. At one birthday party or another, my family was over, and I introduced her as my personal housekeeper.

Yeah, I'm a bastard.

Anyway. Mr Tim, I've tested the template in IE and FF, and it seems to work fine and dandy, and you are the only person with an issue (I think)... Perhaps come to the new age and use IE7? And the link bar across the top is indeed part of the template. I think the site I use (which is in another language!) convert WordPress templates to Blogger.

So, with my germs on the way out finally - we're back down to Defcon Stinking Cold - I'm hoping things are going to get back to normal. Ish. Whatever normal is in this house.

Oh, and in my search for a post image, I tried "ManFlu Virus" as a search string in Google Images. Amazingly, it provided one porn site, and, well, take a look - third row, third image...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Clicken to Embiggen, but there we have it, an image of the ManFlu virus. And for those that don't know what I'm talking about, click here.

Oh, edit because I forgot - congrats to those of you that twigged the header image on the blog is "Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll". Took me minutes to make it ;)

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4 Responses to “Da Flu”

debbie said...

Thats is so funny, so we have Manflu, Danflu and Timflu

The Special Zipper said...

Shit .. have to think twice about posting any pics in future given getting sucked up into the image databases.

Our lovely family picture wrapped into manflu ... and it's all your fault. I just made some comment about you being soft or something and look what happens...

You do have to laugh but ...

g-man said...

I am pretty sure you can put in ANY word into google and come up with a porn image. (We did a limited experiment at work several months ago and every word coughed up at least one porn site, try it)

I hope you feel better soon, family too.

DriedPapercutsAndChickens said...

whats mr tim's complaint? Here all of your links do not appear in the side bar next to your blogging.
They are in the side bar BUT WAY ON THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE