The Dumps

Despite the recent few posts, I'm actually been a bit down in the dumps over the last few days. I'm fairly sure it's more to do with it being A) Winter, and B) Me being bone tired, but none the less, I've been trying to keep my mind as occupied as possible.

Mostly playing WoW and pissing around on here.

I can't even say what started it, but I've been missing Bethy, and everything reminds me of her. Today at school Jaysen ran off across the field towards his class. That's it. And I had to be careful not to cry in front of the gaggle of mums saying farewell to their little sprogs. I don't know what it was - he looked small, defenceless, and just needing me.

To add to this, the infants playground was teeming with little kids running around with teddies and bunnies and what-not, all with a bandage on of some kind. The stuffed toys, not the kids. Of course, it was all in aid of Children in Need, but when Bethy was in hospital, we put a bandage and cannula on her favourite toy.

In general, I am OK, and like I say, I am fairly sure it's because it's just been a long-ass week and I am honestly that tired. I was in bed this afternoon sleeping. I was in bed last night at half eight, and now at half eight once again I am exhausted. We have people travelling down the country to see us this weekend, and while I am looking forward to seeing them, I am dreading it at the same time.

Ugh, you can ignore this whiney bitch post. I've even disabled comments for it.

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