It's cold. I mean true British "Fricking Brrrr!" cold today, pushing zero when we went out, frost and ice... Brisk, I believe the phrase is, thanks mostly to the fact the last few nights have been completely devoid of cloud.

Of course, no cloud not only means frost, it also means that the sun is bright as anything. So, there's me, walking Jaysen to school in my Fat Bastard coat, a jumper, hands inside the sleeve for warmth, and, of course, my trusty sunglasses. Granted, I wear them when it's bright, not just sunny, as squinting in the light gives me a headache.

"What do you look like?" said random parent at the school this morning.

"A-buh?" came my incoherent reply, looking down at myself. Blue jeans, blue coat, some coloured jumper (beige, I think), black boots, sunglasses. Now, while I am a fat pasty with zero dress sense, I am pretty sure that I was dressed in a fairly non-out-there style. "A-buh?" came my reply again after the inspection.

"It's mid-winter and you're wearing sunglasses!" he chortled. "Haha what do you look like?!"

So, by now I've managed to upgrade my speech from nonsensical phonetics, to actual words. "But it's sunny - really sunny!" I protest, not bothering to mention that they are also prescription glasses so I can actually see. He laughed again. "Yeah but it's winter!"

And he wandered off after his spawn that was running off into the distance, leaving me standing there, a beacon amongst the mini-people running around before going into class. Looking around the playground, I noted that I was in fact the ONLY person wearing sunglasses. Everyone else was squinting into the light while wrapped up.

So, have I committed some fashion faux pas? Do sun glasses have some sort of unwritten rule on them; "If thine weather is below 10 degrees, thou shalt not wear shades"

People wonder why I don't pay attention to fashion.

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5 Responses to “Shades”

The Random One said...

Err, no fashion faux pas as far as I can see...

They were perscription and it was bright out... totally called for... lol

Unknown said...

0 degrees? brisk, maybe. cold, no.

when it its -20, i might show a bit of sympathy. :D

joansy said...

Damn - we're still in the high 70s in Las Vegas, which is actually freaking me out a little. I think sunglasses are just fine at any time.

btw - I have firefox at home and your template is totally fine. On IE 6.0 at the office it's a mess.

Nancy Jensen said...

I wear sunglasses all year round. Of course I'm in AZ and it's summer most of the year here. hehe... but hey, I've been to cold country to go skiing and many people wear sunglasses because the sun glares off the snow. I'm sure you can imagine how cold it must be to maintain 10+ feet of snow on the ground at all times and yet people are wearing sunglasses or goggles that are darkened.

I wish that dude had told you what he thought you looked like. You should have said, "I look like the only smart person out here who doesn't have to squint!" haha!

g-man said...

I wear them year round too, especially on sunny days when the snow is on the ground, I have been snow blind before, it sucks.

That fella might have been laughing at you, but you will have the last laugh because you are the one not squinting.