Weekend Drinking

A few weeks back, Jo arranged to have some of her roleplaying friends come down from, er, somewhere for a weekend of chatting, drinking, gossiping and, of course, drinking. They arrived (late due to car troubles!) and we settled down to good food and some drinks - not a lot, mind you - I think me and Patch drank more than everyone else, but still.

We sat around till gone 1am last night talking about whatever came to mind - from LRP, food & drink, people we know, sex, silliness - I think we covered a pretty good range of stupid topics. People started flaking out, so we hit the sack. Two guests in the lounge, two in Tams room.

However, Dan being Dan, I woke up in the wee small hours, and laid awake, unable to sleep, but unable to leave my room for fear of disturbing the guests. Yes folks, I remained in my room, even though I needed a wee. At about 8am, I managed to grab my laptop, and by about 10am, people started waking up.

I went for a wee just after midday, and finally managed to get dressed just after 1pm.

Despite having remained in bed, I am still exhausted (I wasn't asleep), my back is killing me and the grind resumes tomorrow. Not to mention the weather has gone from "Freezing but sunny" to "Ugh, Britain". Freezing and grey, dull, windy, wet... And -1 is cold enough for me thank you. -20 I'd have to hibernate I'm afraid.

Jo is currently downstairs with the group of loons, cooking a curry for them while I hide away, half asleep, feeling sick at the smell of curry (long story), watching Spongebob. Hurrah!

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3 Responses to “Weekend Drinking”

Emma said...

from, er, where English??!

Shiny Demon said...

What's wrong with the smell of curry then?

g-man said...

Drinks, a laptop and spongebob, you are livin' the dream my friend! I hope you can get some sleep, perhaps if you had wee'ed you might have been able to sleep... which also begs the question are you such a loud wee'er that you would wake your guests?