Weekly Roundup #2

OK I forgot last week, but it would have been a mostly-shite roundup anyway, but today lounging on someone elses sofa with tea being made for me, I figured I would do another one. Hopefully it'll keep Christine off my back too.

But I doubt it ;)

So here we have my second weekly roundup.

Da Highs
  • Finding old workmates on Facebook
  • Finding old childhood friends on Facebook
  • Escaping the house for a weekend
  • Causing Wii-Injuries on other people

Da Lows
  • Having a cold. Still
  • Jo having ManFlu
  • Jo having that monthly guest
  • PC Repairs. Enough said
  • The dry, thirsty feeling of drinking till late

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One Response to “Weekly Roundup #2”

The Random One said...

Heeeey! Women can't have Manflu!

Heh. Wii-injury. Heh.