Without making any urine jokes*, last night we had our first brush with the Wii console. I keep thinking that we need to get one for the sheer hell of it - the physical exercise, the companionship for playing with friends, the keep-fit aspect of it. Sure, I've seen a few cases of damage, but all in all, it looked amusing and a piece of piss.

So, cue last-nights alcohol-fuelled Wii'ing, and much hilarity was to follow. Gailey and Al "showed us how it was done". We started off easy with brain games, which, I hasten to add, the boys lost only because Gailey cheats. Then it was boxing. Gailey beat up Al, then Jo beat up me. I sense a theme. A spot of Bowling, in which, amazingly, *I* won. Jo blames cheating. Baseball = nigh on impossible. Then golf for me which was just a case of "smacking a ball till it went in the hole". Eleven over par. On three holes.


AND we even managed a single injury. Bowling, which Dan is notoriously bad at (despite the win) saw me struggling at first with the technique. A technique that most 5 year olds grasp. I blame the wine and the Smirnoff. I stepped back, raised my arm, and *FLING-CRUNCH* into the ankle of Jo, who was sat on the sofa behind me.

I got a spare though ;)

I am, however, on pain of death to NOT mention a mishap incurred by another person while playing, a mishap that caused much laughter and time-out of playing for several minutes.

*OK, maybe one urine-comment

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3 Responses to “Wiiiiii!”

Anonymous said...

lets just say the baseball game was erm a tad windy at one point... And lets just say poor al was right behind said wind and erm.. well, you should get the idea...

joansy said...

So I take it that you liked the Wii???? We just purchased one as a family holiday present but won't be opening it for almost 2 months. Any game recommendations?

Sounds like you had a good time. My Hun also tends to be a bit windy at times, but I wasn't expecting it to be during game times.

g-man said...

Wii have on in our closet too, just waiting for old St. Nick.

Sorry Jo on your wiindy experience.(Not to make you the butt of a joke either). I hope your ankle is better.

Perhaps when wii have it all set up wii can have "game night" abroad?