Sometimes, I see a trailer for a movie months and months before it is due out. It drives me nuts, as I see it, then more often than not, forget about it, then see it and think "Ooooh yes, I'd forgotten about that" and then, again, promptly forget it.

While Blogsurfing this evening, I found a "five minute intro" to a movie called Cloverfield. Judging books by their covers, it doesn't sound all that, does it?

Watch this:

Yeah baby! Monster movie! And, because it's J.J Abrahms of "Lost" fame, the world of the crazies is off already, with some suggesting it may even be a Lost spinoff.

You can check the following sources for information about the movie:
I sooo hope it's going to be some sort of Lovecraftian affair. I miss reading and watching about Cthulhu Mythos stuff.

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5 Responses to “Cloverfield”

The Random One said...

In case you don't check back...

Re: Improv Everywhere

I love their stuff. I had been reading it before my Target fun, actually. lol It reminds me of things my friends and I do, only on a larger scale.

Shiny Demon said...

I've baan aware of this film for some time, it looks great. Godzilla-like monster move.

The Sween! said...

This does look cool indeed!

g-man said...


Daddy Cool said...

I am intrigued. I hope it delivers.