More Photoshopping

Being this is something I've touched on before, I am somewhat fascinated by the power of Photo Shop. Normal Girls edited into Supermodels, Fat Girls to Thin Girls, Marks removed, eyes changed, face rearranged... When I posted about this originally, a search on YouTube revealed only a few videos showing what could be done. Now, there are hundreds of them.

So it's not just me that's intrigued then.

Usually, I look at the "Before" image and the "After" image and wonder why they felt a need to change it. Then the grumpy part of my brain kicks me and tells me "that's how the media want the world to look". Quite often, a photo is "retouched" so much, it hardly looks like the original person.

And then there's the cynic in me. So, they can take these really icky photos of people and make them look great. How do we know those "icky" photos are actually that bad to start with. Maybe, to make the world seem uglier, they are photoshopped to look like they have bags and blemishes and crooked teeth... Wonder if people ever thought of that...

The only time I've ever edited photos is when I've used crappy lighting and have had to adjust the brightness levels/colour levels. That's it. Not that I am a photographer - I'm talking generic pictures of whatever. And I don't use photoshop - I have an old version of Paint Shop Pro.

Anyways, what led me to rant and rave about this is another video that I enjoyed, showing how people are altered for the media masses. Enjoy.

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One Response to “More Photoshopping”

Nancy Jensen said...

I enjoyed that video. I don't have paint shop or a program that does nearly as much photo editing that the video shows. I have a program that does allow me to alter my photos somewhat but I've mainly used it to fix the color, lighting and take out distracting background elements or reflexions from a flash, etc. On occasion I've removed a few blemishes on Jessica's pictures when she had bad acne. But all in all, my photos are quite true to form.