New Blogs To Read!

As you know, when I am not nailing kids to walls asking my cherubs to be quiet, when I am not playing WoW, and when I am not doing a million other things, I read blogs. I comment on blogs. And when I am needing to read more (and some people haven't updated in a millenia) I either press the button marked "Next Blog" which invariably leads me to either A) A Spam Blog, or B) A non-English blog.

So, at that point, I resort to following links. Links to links to links. The Blog Conga, I suppose it could be described as.

Quite often, I am surprised at the number of blogs that get put on the back burner where people lose time, interest or their mojo, but I'm more surprised that people keep links to blogs that are out of date by a year or more. Ho Hum.

Anyways, I've found more blogs to read! Hurrah! Go have a read, take a peek, say hi - whatever you like :D I'll be adding these to my blog roll this evening before the alcohol fumes overpower me.

Personal Blogs:
  • GinaRobbo: Flicking through the regional part of Blogger, I found Gina in the same county category as me. So I suppose that makes her an Essex Girl - I won't go there tho, because, frankly, I'm outnumbered. Her blog covers her day to day life with her man and her dog, and like me, blogs the stuff that happens to her on a daily basis.
  • The Gospel According To Rhys: OK, yes, he's Welsh, but we won't hold that against him. Not yet, anyway. Anyways, he's got a very dry sense of humour and his blog covers pretty much what he wants it to; personal life, babes, games reviews - all with a comedic spin.

Work Blogs:

  • Area Trace No Search: It seems that a lot of the work blogs I read are based in the Emergency Services, and this is my first police blog. Like most of the others, he writes anonymously about his job, the politics involved and his daily goings-on. Very interesting to read, especially as my father was a police man.
  • Purple Plus: A blog of a Paramedic working in, I assume, London. A self-proclaimed Stretcher Monkey complete with images of monkeys on his blog. Obviously, with his line of work, he discusses all aspects of his job, including the non-pretty calls. It makes for thought-provoking reading.

Adult Blog:
(Obviously, disclaimer, that the following link contains material of an adult nature, yada yada yada)
  • Sexegesis: Marcelle writes from New York, and covers everything from perversions, to past relationships and her previous wild life. She writes frankly and powerfully, and is well worth the read. Don't think it's all smut though - she discusses other aspects of her life and lifestyle opening.
So there you have it. *hic* Go forward and read, leave them some love if you enjoy, link them up, whatever. *hic* Keep up the good work guys.

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One Response to “New Blogs To Read!”

Gina said...

Hey - thanks for the add,. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Love the gaffa taped baby by the way ;0)
Gina x