The Stats Bring Them In

As is usual when I've been tired/busy/out/lazy or all of the above, the blog suffers, and the content ends up crap. Beyond crap, at that. Ordinarily, I'd apologise, but I don't have the energy - plus, you don't have to be here :D

Now, assuming you're actually still here and haven't clicked off to another blog, I figured I'd do the other thing I do when the content is shit lacking. StatCounter rubbish!

Because admit it - you all love it really ;)

I'm actually on the StatCounter beta version, which gives a bigger log, so I can see more of who is coming and going, how they are finding me, who is referring them, and what link (if any) they leave from. Instead of the last 100 visits, I get to see the last 500. Not to shabby.

First thing to note - there are a LOT of Xmas Song searches listed on there. Well, tis the season, plus my Christmas mp3 List brings people here. People, if you want music, download Limewire and away you go. If you really really HAVE to have one song, email me, comment, or contact me and I will mail you that song.

But anyway, the bulk of searches happen to be Christmas Music or Boobs/Breasts. That's thanks to my marvellous Boobies Post from October, and my Christmas Music post from November of 2006. And, aside from the Xmas Music/Boobs, there have been some other interesting searches:

  • "0ddness": People, please, learn the URL ;)
  • "Hoovering Boobs": Erm... as in, vacuuming?
  • "oops her stockings showed pics": hehe they did?
  • "sween tattoo": Sweeney or Sween in the Bean? Because they are both bloggers you know ;)
  • "full frontal nerdity 12 days of christmas": I link to the comic, so assume there's something else out there.
  • "constant queasy feeling": Go see your doc, don't ask me.
  • "how to gas meter cheat": Sorry, I still don't know.
  • "prostitution scotland kerb crawling": Why don't you just kerb crawl instead of look on blogs?!
  • "flu porn": Certainly the strangest fetish I've come across in a while...
  • "dan english 0ddness blog": hehe some people are soooo funny. Learn the URL!
  • "emma webcam": This could be either Emma or Other Emma... I await your link ;)

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3 Responses to “The Stats Bring Them In”

The Random One said...

Hahah, flu porn.

Emma said...

I wouldnt even know how to work a webcam! I blame Other emma! x

debbie said...

I have webcam but not on now,, anyway my names not Emma he he he,, too many boobs Dan thats all I can say