Where'd The Week Go?

I'm not entierly sure where the last week has gone. I DO know that is has dragged something awful, and the weekend could not arrive soon enough. And while it's been chaos and hectic, I'm not sure what has gone on.

Guess it's the whole "Christmas is Looming" thing.

In fact, out of the whole week, only three "occurances" spring to mind; a bitch of a migraine Friday daytime (and sleeping pretty much all afternoon), getting a bit tipsy Friday night (and staying up till 6am gassing), and being invited to become a guest author at the site About:Blank that I visit most days.

The migraine - nothing to report. I started to make itself known around 11am Friday morning, and by 1pm, I was out on the sofa wanting someone to just remove my head and flush it away. Aside from an interlude of inviting Jaysen in (worlds noisiest child), it was gone by about 7pm, leaving just that dull "I've had a cramp in my brain" ache.

Later that evening, someone turns up, and we all sit together having a laugh, getting drunk and talking the night away. One person flaked around 1am, the next one flaked at 3am, leaving me bored and wide awake. So another drunk a million miles away in some dodgy town in Bedford kept me company. Until I fell asleep mid-conversation at almost 6am. Oopsie.

No, amazingly, it wasn't the booze. I had Jack Daniels, Beer, WKD Blue, even Absinthe, but I was fine. I was, however, very very tired, even though I got up a few hours later at 11am. And no, I didn't have a hang over. I wonder if my migraine meds helped fight it off.... Hmmmm...

And yes, me. Guest Author on a proper webpage. I've been visiting About:Blank for a good while now, and occasionally even post stuff I find there on here. I submitted a link during the week, and the site owner replied, has been here before and apparently I post some "great stuff on my site"

Me? On this site? hehe So here I am, wondering what I could post on a site with half a million visitors, knowing that whatever I post will be seen by a lot of people. More's the point, aside from you lot here, who on earth would both read AND enjoy what I write? Would my very presence be the iceberg to the good ship about:blank?

This is why I don't act - I get up on the stage, the spotlight hits me, and I babble before either passing out of taking off like a greyhound after a fake bunny.

So, anyway, while I consider that - tomorrow is Jaysens 9th birthday. That's scary (in that I've not murdered him before now) and makes me feel older than I am. And by the weekend, we should (all things being "normal") have our Xmas Decorations up. We need a new tree as our last one was destroyed by the joint brute-force attacks of kittens, toddler, kids wanting chocolate, gravity, and a large fat guy sick of Xmas almost bending it trying to get it down last year.


So, new tree, new decorations... We shall see.

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One Response to “Where'd The Week Go?”

Laney said...

The image of you bending your christmas tree in apathetic rage will stay with me forever Dan. Very amusing! :D