Happy Birthday Little Man!

Time Flies. Apparently, and especially, when you're having fun. A little while ago, I sat as my first child, a son, was born. We had already decided to name him Jaysen. I remember the fun of the birth; Jo being induced, the monitors, the nurses, the constant won't be long now from the consultants. I remember them deciding baby needed to be delivered NOW in the middle of the night, thanks to them waiting and waiting and waiting.

The baby was getting distressed. Whip him out, get him out, before things go pearshaped. I remember Jo, high as a kite, singing along to imaginary songs on the imaginary radio. I remember them bursting her waters, and the torrent that hit the nurse square in the chest. I remember them making her walk to the theatres with me lugging the cannister of Gas & Air as we walked down three flights of stairs.

No porters, no insurance for the nurses to rush us down there, lift too far away. Makes sense, apparently...

I remember them getting Jo ready for the caesarian, the doctors, consultants, the sort that had gone from being called "Doctor" to "Mr". Monitors showing heart rates, pressures, resps... It was all very intimidating.

I remember the slopping sounds from the other side of the sheet as they cut into Jo, and vividly remember the pool of blood and goo forming around my scrub-shoes as I sat next to Jo, trying to ignore the small stream of ick flowing down onto the ground.

I remember his cry as he wanted to get back inside. It was chilly. Then nurses checking him, counting digits, checking weights and measures, then the little wrinkled thing handed to me. Mine, my son.

And then without warning, he turns nine years old.

Nine years of him growing, developing, learning. I hope we've done the right thing by him, teaching him right from wrong, manners, and will grow to be a good person.

Jaysen, I love you so much little man. I hope you continue to grow and impress everyone with how much you know, and that your capacity for knowledge grows with you.

Here are some random pictures, in a random order. Click any to embiggen.

The Little Man, this morning at 7am with his small stack of (mostly geeky) presents!

Jaysen the toddler, threatening to run up the stairs.

One of his attractive "faces", squished against a view-hole in a travel cot.

My Blue-Eyed Boy.

His "Evil Boy" Impression

Happy. What more could I ask.

Hells Angel ;)

My son posing in a Belgian Forest.

And again with Belgium, this time a Belgian Lake, while daddy feeds the Belgian Ducks.

This last image is a screenshot from WoW. We all play Warcraft in this house, and Jaysen is constantly surprising our guildmembers when they find out he is only eight years old. A few members don't even believe us when we tell him. This image is a message I received from our Guild Leader after he spent a couple of hours running around with Jaysen in Outlands...

Bear in mind, the guild is all adult members, some of which have kids themselves.

Happy Birthday Jaysen, my little man.

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5 Responses to “Happy Birthday Little Man!”

Posh Totty said...

Happy Birthday Jaysen, I hope you have a wonderful day lil man :o) xxx

joansy said...

Happy, happy birthday Jaysen!

Great pics and a great blog post too.

Phoenix said...

Trust u to make me cry Mr English.

Hope he liked his prezzies from me xx

Gretchen said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Hope it was a wonderful day.

Laney said...

I hope Jaysen had a nice day. What geeky presents did he get?