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6 Responses to “Whooo!”

The Random One said...

You look like Steve the Pirate! :D!

Phoenix said...

Dan I love it grrrr xxx

Dan said...

hehe Steve the Pirate... Yaaar Steve!
Except, Steve the Pirate after eating all the pies, maybe. Or maybe I just ate my fellow shipmates ;)

Blergh, the reason I am behind the camera most of the time :D

"No Dan, if you're taking our pictures, you have to have one of you"... Bastards.

DriedPapercutsAndChickens said...

Can we get a picture explanation?

and the real question, steve is can you dodge a wrench?

Adullamite said...

Pirates in Basildon?
Nothing unusual there.......:-)

Good New Year to you and your crew!

Laney said...

So that's where all the pirate/highwaymen hats in Basildon went! We needed one yesterday for Pete's Adam Ant costume. There was obviously a subconscious need for all the men in Basildon to wear frilly shirts last night.

Happy new year!