New Year Roundup

First post of 2008. Go me ;) Only sixteen hours into the day - think I need a prize or something.

So, I've been contemplating what to write for this post, but I figured I wouldn't go into too much detail until certain other "things" have been covered elsewhere. That is, I'm not going to spoil someone elses story. You will get the gist of it from my points here.

And in order to protect the innocent, I've not actually named-names of the guilty, bad or anything else. Because, you know, blackmail is sooo much better ;)

  • Me, Jo, Steve, Amber and Pete got ready at ours last night. Fat Pirate, Wench, Skinny Pirate, St Trinian's, and Cross Dresser respectively.
  • We got a little "lubricated" before we left.
  • The pirates got more strange looks than the man in a dress-wearing-large-boots-and-fake-tattoos.
  • We got to the party around 9pm.
  • Aside from our host, Jim, it was quickly apparent that Me, Amber and Steve were the only people over 30.
  • It was also apparent that our group of five were the oldest there period.
  • Aside from our host, there were about 25 people at the party. A fat pirate, a skinny pirate, a cross-dressed-man, a monk, a clown, a gangster and a guy in his pants ("The Rock" apparently) making up the entire male population.
  • The pole dancing kit was erected by three drunk guys.
  • My words of "We should video this because it'll come down and hurt someone and be a YouTube classic" echoed around us as a girl span, the pole collapsed, and smacked a girl right in the face.
  • I laughed.
  • We were well tipsy by midnight and everyone kissed everyone else.
  • "The Rock" received a near-perfect Atomic Wedgie, and was perfectly exposed to everyone.
  • The Wenchs boobs kept slipping free.
  • The School girls bum kept being flashed.
  • Cleopatra fell asleep in the corner.
  • Someone dared someone else to drink a copious amount of vodka in one hit.
  • Several minutes later, the "someone" was very very drunk.
  • It took two pirates to walk someone home - a fifteen minute journey took almost 45 minutes.
  • Someone ended up very very poorly.
  • A patrolling police car pulled up, and didn't ask about the poorly someone, but asked where our parrot was, and what dock our pirate ship was in!
  • I sat up till nearly 0430 this morning making sure someone was OK.
  • By now I was fully sober.
  • I dozed off in bed around six-ish, and was up again just after nine this morning.
So, as you can tell, an amusing party, some amusing costumes, and lots of laughter/drinking/fun. The falling girl was fine, the clobbered girl probably has a black eye this morning - it started going last night before we left. I only had a few drinks, no where near enough to get me drunk. "The Rock" was our old roommate, Dave. He looked most amusing in his pants, but the wedgie nearly cut him in two.

Despite being firmly entangled in her corset, Jo's boobs kept making bids for freedom, much to my pleasure. Added to this, Amber failed to take into account the shortness of her skirt, coupled with where her stockings ended. Every time she leaned or bent, someone got an eyeful.

My costume just made me feel ick - especially as the bottom-half of it were, and I hate to admit this - but they were jogging bottoms, an article of clothing I loath with such passion, I very very nearly refused to go out. Oh, you fellows across the Atlantic known them as sweat pants. Blergh.

So, here we are, January 1st 2008. Steve left for home, and I set to clearing up the house a bit - putting stuff away and pottering around when the phone rings. Another "Someone to remain nameless" had a computer problem. Yes, already. So I spent an hour on the phone, giving my not-so-expert assistance. An hour later, he calls back - still broken. He speaks to PC World customer support, and bearing in mind the warrenty ran out last month, AND bear in mind he cancelled the additional support thing because he has me, I wasn't sure what he expected. They told him to talk to the tech guys but it was up to the manager to offer any sympathy or whatever.

So, we head to PCWorld where we explain everything. They say "Hard Drive failure" so he gets a new hard drive. When deciding what he wanted in regards to capacity, e asked what size MY hard drive was. "250Gb" I reply. So he gets the 400Gb, discounted by the manager to £64.

We go back to his. I open the computer, swap the drives, and unamazingly, the same error. So I go through everything and place the error to be either RAM or the Motherboard - I'd stripped everything else out. Still nothing, so BACK to PCworld. Guy we spoke to before was "unavailable" so explained again to a different guy, who trys to tell me the error is my fault as I am doing the install wrong. Riiiight, a computer crashed, gives an error message, and the new drive gives the SAME error because of - get this - how I put the windows disc in.

He offers the only other solution - to book the computer in for diagnosis (£70), to have the Restore stuff put on the system (£30), and if it happens to be the RAM, the memory upgraded (£20 PLUS the cost of the memory itself).

So now I am home, trying to chill out, tired and hurting like an absolute bitch. Happy New Year indeed :D

So how was YOUR New Year celebrations, and what's your impression of 2008 so far?

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8 Responses to “New Year Roundup”

debbie said...

Glad a good night was had by you all,,

Suze said...

It sounds like you had an amazing evening. Ours was very quiet but also very naughty. Lol

As for PC World, perhaps we ought to go and work for them...oh, I fogot I don't find it easy to bullshit.

I hope you friend manages to get to the bottom of his PC problems and your 2008 just gets better.

Anonymous said...

I spent new year's maintaining suitable separation between five children, an obscene amount of fireworks, our cars and our house. My only assistance was a bottle of amaretto, to which I owe many thanks. It may not have solved any problems, but I can't remember them thanks to said drink.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Sounds like my kind of party!

Much more exciting that popping fireworks at home, with the kids!

Happy new year!

joansy said...

Sounds like quite a night. Happy New Year!

Mary Fran Muir said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like you had a great time. Love the costumes. Looking forward to another great year with my blogger friends!

Stuart Wilson said...

PCWorld is run by some of the most computer-illiterate people ever to touch a computer. It amazes me why people buy stuff from such a shabby company and expect them to know the answers when things go wrong. They seem to always blame things on viruses, or a faulty something-or-other which very rarely is the cause of the problem. They charge stupid prices just to take your computer apart and when they can't find whats wrong, they do the laziest thing an IT technician can do - format/reinstall Windows! ARRGGGGHHHHH.

Anyway, glad to see that you had a fun (and eventful) new year (although dare I say I ended up having to fix my nephews computer on New Years Eve night as well!!)

Sounds like your party was fun too!! Happy 2008 to you all, and I hope to catch up with you soon.

g-man said...

Happy new year Dan! Sounds like quite a hootinanny. I went to sleep at 9:30. I was celebrating at midnight London time though. I was at work making sure the satellite turned the year OK at 00:00:00 GMT.