Find Me in World of Warcraft!

Slowly, one person at a time, I am managing to call people to my banner. The banner of World of Warcraft. OK granted, with the amount of press, the sheer number of people playing it, and of course, people managing to get their friends addicted to the crack that is this online game, the number of subscribers is increasing, but I am slowly doing my part!

But I digress. What this is all about is YOU finding ME in WoW. If you're a new player looking for advice, guidance or even a few coins to rub together, but importantly, you know me, then feel free to hunt me out in Azeroth. Also, if you're wanting to start playing (on the European servers, that is), then let me know - I have five free trial invites which, if you end up loving and buying the game, we both get a free month. And I get another five invites each month!

First off, the important part, is the Server I play on. I use Steamwheedle Cartel as my server, which is a normal (Player vs Environment) server. That is, unless you do something silly, other players of the opposite faction can't walk up to you, remove your face and poo in your neck. More importantly, it is a Roleplaying server.

This basically means in the simplest terms, that it is a fully immersive server. You shouldn't talk about last nights TV, the latest pop-hits, what your dog just vomited. In all public channels, you are YOUR CHARACTER. This also applies to naming your character. While there are lots of idiots out there that try to name themselves after Lord of the Rings characters (I swear, one more elven hunter called Leegolaass and I will snap), or worse, the people using names like "Cooldude" or "Hordeyboyz" or something equally pants, you get reported. Anyway, read the additional Game Policies Here.

Lastly is the faction. In WoW, you can play the Alliance (Humans, Night Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves, Draeni) or you can play the Horde (Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Undead, Blood Elves). I play Horde side, which means if you play Alliance, you don't get to talk to me. Though if you try and you have made yourself PvP Enables, I will walk up to you, remove your face and poo in your neck.

So - Steamwheedle Cartel, Horde Side. Got it? Now to find me.

I have nine Horde characters, and one Alliance. The latter just sort of sits and doesn't get played unless I just want to blow off steam, but the rest are fair game.

Ushka: Level 70 Troll Priest- I heal. A lot.
Jensu: Level 70 Troll Rogue- I kill. A lot.
Clarabelle: Level 70 Tauren Hunter- I have a pet pig.
Braytusk: Level 50-ish Orc Warlock- I use demons and nasty magic.
Laninia: Level 40-ish Undead Mage- I throw a lot of spells around.
Selyne: Level 40-ish Orc Shaman- I blast and chop through it all
Haniia: Level 40-ish Tauren Druid- I pretend to be a cat.
Kallendria: Level 30-ish Undead Warrior- Sword, shield, yeeeeah.
Lastly, there is my banker. He is a level one troll that does all my buying and selling, and is where my money is stashed. No, you can't have it. Anyway, his name is Ðensu, and only the cool people can write that funky D-style at the front of his name.

Anyway, if you want it, there it is. Feel free to drop by, say hi or whatever. And if you ARE interested, just contact me in the various methods. I'm quite willing to hold your hand while you learn the ropes ;) Hell, even read the Game Guide if you want some more info.

Edit: Thought I'd add these signature thingies to make life a bit easier :)

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7 Responses to “Find Me in World of Warcraft!”

Posh Totty said...

Ohhhhhh!!!! Dan Dan Dan, I neeed HELP!! with this .... hehe told you Im crap *Blush*

Oh and Im an alliance *blush again* hehe

debbie said...

I am in there somewhere Dan, I registered but not had chance to play..

Phoenix said...

Dan can u get me a decent laptop then i will play too :-) xx

Posh Totty said...

Where are you when I need help?

123james said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

decided to get on your server. Undead Warlock. ill message the name when im not embarrasingly low level.