On Keeping Strange Times...

Yes folks, I'm up at silly o' clock once more. I'm not entirely sure why I am awake (again) at half two in the morning, but I'm no longer surprised when I look at a clock and see some god-forsaken hour when the rest of the house is asleep. It's not so bad in the winter, as it's pretty much always dark when you look outside, but in the summer... That's when it drives me nuts.

I've not actually been to bed yet... Lane came over after church this evening, and we ended up watching Gladiator while gossiping. She decided that 1am was late enough for her, and half an hour later (you know women, bye doesn't mean bye) she left. I shut the door and am still awake. Pah.

Also, what isn't helping is the fact I woke up this morning with that feeling in the back of my nose and throat again. The sore, hurting feeling of Mr Germ tapping on my head and telling me "Pssst, you're going to be sick for a week!". For goodness sake, I only just shifted this bloody cold - how the hell did I get it back so soon?!

I figured for a change of pace to start with, I'd address some people I know and their own "insomnia".

"I often lay in bed reading till 3am"
No, not insomnia. You're just engrossed in your book.

"I wake up for a wee every night at about two!"
No, that's just your bladder needing emptying.

"I'm just so tired all the time"
Well, maybe, but probably more to do with disturbed sleep.

"I wake up at half five every morning without an alarm"
Good for you...
These are pretty much all random comments I get from people when I mention being up and about at silly hours of the day or night. For example - I just finished doing two days of washing up and cleaning the kitchen. People that have bad sleep vs insomniacs, this is the sort of thing I am talking about. I'm now sitting here blogging. As coherently as normal at nearly three in the morning.

In fact, people that try to sympathise with something they have NO idea about... Please, if you've never been in someones shoes, try to understand, but realise you really don't know what is happening, and piling on the overload of care is too much for some of us.

Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares?... He's a mile away and you've got his shoes!

Plus, this is also a good time for random thoughts. For example, through the joys of Facebook, I've slowly slowly been coming back in contact that I grew up with - I'm talking people I first met twenty years ago, hung around with, played games, got in trouble. One of these has come back, and while we've not spoken yet, it's stirred up some strange memories I had forgotten about. There was a point a few years ago when I wanted to grab this person and shake them and ask what the hell they thought they were doing... But now, I don't know...

Not that all my thoughts are deep at this time of night. I once lay in bed for hours trying to work out why blue Fairy Liquid was blue, and if it now kills germs, what did it do before? And if the speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s (yes, I checked), what does that make the speed of dark - and does it mean dark is faster? And what is dark?

Which then led on to - and hold on to your hats here - the fact that light/illumination is FALSE and that darkness is NATURAL. Here's my thought on this. For any kind of light, there needs to be some sort of reaction - usually chemical or a side effect of something else, while darkness is normal. The sun - chemical reaction of burning gasses. The moon - the reflection of moonlight off the surface. Light bulbs - electricity heating wires to make them glow OR a current running through a gas. Candles or any fire - the chemicals and fibre of the wick burning. Kerosene lanterns are just burning chemicals. Glowing fish or animals are chemicals reactions. (see footnote) And then my mind went on to the Good vs. Evil / Light vs. Dark argument, and wondered if my very thoughts shook the core of the Vatican. Which I doubt, but still ;)


There never really was any point in that train of thought, and people still look at me like I'm a loony, but to be fair, I'm not wrong :D Oh, and for the record, when I wrote to the Fairy Liquid makers, they explained that old Fairy cleans better than most brands, but the blue antibac Fairy kills the germs on the sponge as well as the stuff being washed. And it's blue because apparently blue represent cleanliness and clinical stuff. Plus they gave me £10 worth of vouchers to buy their stuff.

I didn't ask what they thought of when they saw Green Fairy. All I thought of was boogers, bile and mold.

So now, with stupid thoughts running through my head, I've had my cold "remedy" which I know is just flavoured water with paracetamol in it, I've had a throat sweet which I know is just a boiled sweet with gloop inside and some menthol to make you think it's doing something, and I'm going to try to sleep.

"Try" being the operative word of that sentence.

I FULLY expect some smart ass to come by and explain for me. I actually expect that person to work for NASA. Saying no names of course. But don't try the whole "Darkness is just an absence of light milarky!

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6 Responses to “On Keeping Strange Times...”

Posh Totty said...

4.15am ... yup still up, nope not been bed yet. See Dan your not the only one ;o)

No wacky answers to your wacky thinking Im affraid, im far too blonde for that kind of thing hehe.

The Random One said...

Don't drink the bong water ;D

But yay for random posts that still make sense (light and all that).

Phoenix said...

Well baby I have been up 2 but watched films. I have had about 3 hours and I have to go and do a 9 hur shift whoo!

Anonymous said...

u really should write books,, u crack me up the way u put things,, you've got a real talent dan. xx

hope u sleep a little bit better real soon

Stuart Wilson said...

Interesting point - If the speed of light is 299,792,458m/s, what if one could travel at 299,792,459?

Example - Planet A is 1 light year away from Planet B. It takes light 1 year to travel to Planet B (and vice-versa). If I travelled faster than light from Planet B to Planet A, I would get there quicker than light would get there, therefore meaning I would arrive early.... Backwards Time Travel?


I'll shut up now!

Posh Totty said...

I dont know about anyone else, but you have totally confussed me Stuart hehe