In The Wee Small Hours...

Earlier today, my head started doing it's thing. That strange tingling sensation when - unlike Spidermans Spidey Sense alerting him to danger - mine alerts me to an incoming Migraine. Added to that, my constant *sniff sniff* "You smell that?" was a pretty good give away.

I managed to fend it off mostly in order to be both social with Lane, and to do the school run. Around five, I nodded off on the sofa, was woken up by everyone telling me it was dinner time, picked my way through dinner feeling more and more icky, only to find myself waking up in bed at about half one this morning. Apparently, I flaked on the sofa again and was put to bed.

The headache is still there, but no where near as bad as it was, but of course, after dozing/flaking for several hours, I'm wide awake. I tried laying in bed for a couple of hours thinking I'd nod off, but something was bothering me. I could not for the life of me place it.

So I set to prowling through the house. Had a moment of panic when I couldn't see Tam in her room, but she had turned around and shifted to the other end of the bed. Restarted her Spongebob DVD, turned it down, checked on the boy. He was curled up fast asleep - uncovered and shivering - on one of his Horrid Henry books. Covered him, removed book, turned his music down.

Checked the middle floor. Rats needed some water, so refilled their bottles. Various bits of crockery; glasses, cups, bowls, cutlery all around the lounge, so collected that all up and took it down stairs. Plonked it in the kitchen - which was a state - emptied the tumbler, reloaded it, filled the washing machine. Still, something felt wrong. Garden was empty. Front door.


Now, it wasn't open a huge amount, and passing by the house in the dark, it might have appeared to just be a shadow instead of open. But none the less, the front door was ajar.

So, now it's 4am and I've cleaned up the kitchen, put away the drying up, put things in to soak, tidied up the front room, messed around a bit on WoW, and as they are doing a server restart, I figured I would blog.

And I am wide awake, with a head ache, feeling a twinge of paranoia at the what-if's.

Still - I knew there was something wrong...

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7 Responses to “In The Wee Small Hours...”

The Random One said...

Rats! I want to seeeee :D

Stuart Wilson said...

You know what Dan, you are not the only one who has done that... I've left our front door open on lots of occasions. In fact, I'm very good at putting the keys in the door to unlock it, close the door and wake up the following morning with the keys STILL in the door!!

Posh Totty said...

Will obviously have to keep an eye on you ... you will be reading peoples minds next ;o)

Nancy Jensen said...

Wow, I'm glad everyone was ok! That has happened to me before... I just felt like something wasn't right and turns out my front door was cracked open. I know those "what if" thoughts come rushing in and stay with you for awhile, but everyone was safe. Someone was looking out for you!

Hope you feel better, buddy. I have been fighting the headaches too. I have some of the symptoms for migraines but the migraine meds that my doc gave me doesn't help so who knows if they are true migraines... all I know is that they hurt like the dickens and I can't function well at all during an attack. (have to have cool cloth over my eyes, barf bowl handy "just in case" and have to sleep for hours on end) I know... TMI!

Get well! That's an ORDER!


debbie said...

charlie has a migrine againg this evening with sickness as always

g-man said...

Well it worked out then. Good catch, and good job tidying up. Best not to dwell in the what ifs. Hope you are back to right soon.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I suffer from both insomnia and migraines....neither of which is pleasant!

Hope you sleep better soon!